Coronation Street: Becky McDonald will try to kidnap Max!

by Anna Howell

Next month sees the beginning of the 9 month long meltdown, and pathway to her exit from Coronation Street, for Becky McDonald, starting with ‘son’ Max being taken into care by social services.

The tot was bought by Becky (Katherine Kelly) and Steve (Simon Gregson) from Becky’s half sister, Kylie (Paula Lane) last year and has been the main cause of their entire world crashing down around them ever since.

First of all, it caused Becky to loot from their neighbours whilst people lay around dying after the tram crash in December, which subsequently cost them friendships. Then, when finding out about their ‘transaction’, Tracy (Kate Ford), mother to Steve’s daughter, took back full custody of Amy and will not let Steve play a significant role in her life anymore. Then it cost Steve his mother, when disgusted with Becky’s actions, she disowned them and moved to Spain after her husband tried to rob a bank in order to buy the pub off the pair and save them from financial ruin.

Now, things are set to get a lot worse.

Having returned from honeymoon with new husband, David (Jack P Shepherd), Kylie is forced to tell David why she no longer has custody of her son, and in a failed attempt to try and get little Max back from his wife’s sister, Social Services get wind of the situation, and promptly take Max into care.

This, it would seem, is the final straw as far as Becky’s sanity goes, and later this week she attacks Tracy’s home with a sledge hammer and she goes in search of her ‘son’.

By this point, her grip on reality is well and truly loose, and she is actually under the impression that Max is actually her own child.

She manages to locate the foster home where Max has been placed, only to be turned away by the parents, who are under strict instructions to not let anyone see Max and when she becomes hysterical and tries to take him anyway, they phone the police.

Luckily for Becky, Steve arrives before the police do, and manages to drag her away, howling with despair.