Coronation Street: Becky McDonald will try to murder Kylie Turner

Katherine Kelly has admitted that her Coronation Street character Becky McDonald will soon be driven to attempting to kill her half-sister Kylie Turner.

The mouthy barmaid turns to drink after a row with mother-in-law Liz McDonald (Bev Callard), but lashes out at the wrong target after deciding conniving Kylie (Paula Lane) is the source of all her problems.

Katherine said: “It’s the biggest fight scene I’ve ever done. Becky decides everything that’s gone wrong is ultimately Kylie’s fault and gives it to her with both barrels. Rage is boiling inside her – she basically tries to kill Kylie.”

Becky and Liz have an explosive row when it is revealed that Steve returned his daughter Amy to her mum Tracy Barlow to cover for the fact that Becky bought her nephew Max from her sister.

Katherine explained: “Liz entirely blames Becky. The fact that she and Steve gave up his daughter to a murderer – Tracy – to save Becky’s nephew Max has been the elephant in the room. Liz shows them what they’ve done in black and white.

“It gets to the point where Becky is either going to break a glass in Liz’s face or walk out – so she has to go. Liz has driven her away and pushed to drink, so she gets wasted and reverts to type. Becky just wants to take the edge off everything.”

After she then goes to confront Kylie, things take a turn for the worse when she has another fight with Liz and concludes that the only solution is for her and Steve to leave Weatherfield with Max (Harry McDermott) and Amy (Elle Mulvaney) in tow.

Katherine told Inside Soap magazine: “It’s dawning on Becky that they will never legally get Amy back without losing Max – it’s one or the other.

“Becky’s default has always been to run away, but she can’t this time – not unless all the people she loves go with her.”