Coronation Street: Boys Chat Up Brooke Vincent To Get To Rosie!

by Lisa McGarry


Coronation Street starlet, Brooke Vincent has revealed that most of the boys who chat her up, only do so in order to get closer to her on screen sister played by Helen Flanagan.

Brooke told The Sunday People: “I was on holiday recently in Gran Canaria and I was stood at the bar getting a drink and this lad asked, ‘Are you off Coronation Street?’ “I said I was and smiled and he shouted to his mate across the other side of the pool, ‘Ryan, come here, come here!

You know that fit bird out of Corrie?’ And his mate goes, ‘Yeah.’ And he says, ‘Well, that’s her sister!’ ”

Brooke recalled: “I stood there in my bikini not knowing where to look. Other times boys will say, ‘Has your sister got a boyfriend?’ or ‘Hasn’t your sister got dead big boobs?’ “But even when they’re not asking me about Helen, it’s hard to tell if a boy really likes me or if he’s just interested because I’m on telly.

“I have a test in my head and I see if they ask me about Corrie in the first week of me meeting them.

“If they do I don’t speak to them again because it annoys me. Coronation Street is not a big deal to me, but certain lads I know would say, ‘Oh, I’m going out with a girl from Corrie’. If they don’t mention the show at all, I think they probably are interested in me as a person.”