Coronation Street: Carla and Michelle Connor will hide evidence from murder cops!

When Frank Foster is murdered next week, Carla and Michelle Connor make a decision that could land both of them in prison…

As fans of the show will know, before he’s murdered, Frank (Andrew Lancel) planned to buy Carla (Alison King) out of Underworld for a fraction of what her share is worth. He also planned to then fire all the workers.

And as we saw on Friday night, woman now very much scorned, Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor) threatened to expose his plan, but in turn, he made threats of what might happen to Sally if she doesn’t keep quiet.

Sally is of course one of the five suspects in the whodunit, but Carla makes herself a prime suspect when the police investigating Frank’s murder find out she hid a pretty vital piece of evidence…

The Daily Star reports that when Frank’s body is found, Michelle (Kym Marsh) and Carla decide to hide the newly signed contract which would see Carla’s share of Underworld now belonging to Frank.

However, his mum Anne (Gwen Taylor) knew about the deal, so she tells the police about it. When taken to the station for questioning, Carla keeps up her lie by saying that there was no such contract, however, Michelle is much easier to crack, and she admits there was indeed a contract, and that she and Carla deliberately hid it from the police.

A show insider told the paper, “They’re both together when Frank’s body is carried out of the factory. And once they talk they realise they have got to get rid of the contract.

“It doesn’t take long for the police to find out about it and if they find it on either of them it’s going to put them firmly in the frame for his murder.

“They quickly decide to burn it but just as they do Carla’s lover Peter Barlow walks in on the pair.

“There are lots more twists and turns before the killer is revealed as everyone starts to suspect one another.”

Don’t miss the start of this drama on March 5th!

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