Coronation Street casts Marc Baylis over Jamie Lomas to play Carla Connor’s brother Rob, and cast a new Ryan Connor, Sol Heras!

There have been rumours flying round for months that Coronation Street were looking to cast a new hunk for the street as they introduced Carla Connor’s (Alison King) brother, with the name linked to the job on most people’s lips being that of Kym Marsh‘s (who plays Michelle Connor) fiancée, Jamie Lomas.

Lomas even auditioned for the part and, at the time, a source close to the couple commented that they were excited at the thought of working with each other, but it would seem that he didnt fit the bill,  or perhaps Marsh just changed her mind after the recent allegations that Lomas had been cheating on her, as it has now been announced that Marc Baylis has been cast to play the devilishly handsome bad boy, Rob Donovan.
Carla has often talked of her brother – incidentally always referred to as Darren – when Carla first joined the  Street, who was serving an eight year Strangeways prison sentence for armed robbery, and King has previously said she expected her character’s brother to be “stunningly charming, but a complete minger inside” .

Rob is set to turn up on the street straight out of prison seeking help from sister Carla, and will set the female hearts of Weatherfield  racing with his addictive good looks.

Coronation Street producer Phil Collinson said:   “Rob is the latest in a long line of handsome Corrie charmers and is sure to set hearts fluttering.”

Also joining the cast this summer is Sol Heras, who is taking over the role of Ryan Connor, the son of Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh). Ryan was last seen on our screens leaving Weatherfield to go away to University, but is set to return this summer, after being kicked out, with a dark secret, which will have his mum in pieces as she tries desperately to get him back on track, and which will eventually see him turn church going Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) into a junkie!

Collinson said:“Ryan returns with a dark secret and Michelle has the fight of her life as she battles to get her son back on the straight and narrow.”

It looks like its going to be an explosive summer with these two additions to the Street, especially when they turn against each other!

Watch the moment that the old Ryan found out his ex girlfriend was a lesbian below:

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