Coronation Street Clips Spoilers: Rovers regulars learn Hayley’s died soon after she said goodbye to her friends! (VIDEOS)

by Lynn Connolly
roy, hayley, coronation street

roy, hayley, coronation street

There’s a sad week ahead on Coronation Street which begins on Monday, 20 January when we’ll see cancer victim Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh) deciding that the time to say her goodbyes has come…

The frail factory worker will ask her husband Roy (David Neilson) to gather some of her friends in the café so that she can bid them a farewell – albeit that they have no idea that is her agenda – which he’ll reluctantly do. Reluctantly because of course, though he’s told Hayley he supports her decision to take her own life, secretly, he’s very much against it.

But as we’ll see in the first of the double-bill of episodes that airs on Monday, Rita (Barbara Knox) is with Hayley in the café when Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) and Tyrone (Alan Halsall) enter with the kids.

coronation street hayley rita

When Hayley says she wants to hold baby Ruby, Fiz refuses saying she’s concerned about the tot being too close to Hayley because she has a cold. At first, Hayley tells her not to be daft and again asks to cuddle the baby…

But when Fiz continues to refuse, the normally meek and mild Hayley snaps, telling Fiz she’s more than capable of deciding what is and isn’t a risk to her own health!

coronation street hayley fiz

Here’s a look at that drama…

Then, in the second episode, after Hayley has taken the overdose of drugs that will end her life – with Roy at her side – it’s down to Anna Windass (Debbie Rush) to tell the Rovers patrons that Hayley has passed away.

coronation street hayley dies

However, though Anna knows that Hayley in fact committed suicide, she won’t share the information with the Street’s residents, not even Fiz, who is of course very close to Roy and Hayley.

coronation street roy anna

Here’s a look at the moment the pub regulars hear that Hayley’s gone, and you can also read our interviews with Julie and Debbie about the heartbreaking scenes by clicking here…

The final clip we have for you is from the episode that airs on Friday 24th January, when homeless teen Maddie (Amy Kelly) panics that she won’t get the money Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) promised her after she hands over the watch she stole from Sally (Sally Dynevor).

coronation street sally, sophie

And as it turns out, she was right because an incensed Sophie refuses to give her the cash, pointing out that now she knows how it feels when someone lies.

Here’s a look at that drama…

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