Coronation Street: Helen Flanagan shows off Rosie Webster’s new look in a sexy dress hits out at Daily Mail fat claims!

Coronation Street’s Rosie Webster is soon set to embark on a trip to London, keen to prove that she can make it as a model in the capital city and yesterday, Helen Flanagan was showing off her own sexy style via Twitter.

In the shot, posted by stylist Collette Casey, the 20 year old actress showed off her newly dyed dark locks and posed in a very revaling and low cut dress, designed to show off her biggest assets – if you know what we mean.

The brunette beauty admitted that she had undergone a whopping three spray tans before the photo shoot and was pouting at the camera, wearing some very dark lipstick.

However much as Helen loved the pictures and retweeted her stylists photograph to followers, she wasn’t so impressed by another set of shots published in The Daily Mail yesterday.

In them, she was wearing tight fitting jeggings, which the newspaper claimed made her look too fat. Hitting out at their comments, she took to Twitter last night to protest, saying:

Just seen some pics of me in my skinny jeans on the daily mail. They got an unflattering shot. I think my bum looks great tho. Lol.

I’m a bit tired today after all my lovely shoots and I have to say it wasn’t nice to see that. I’m a healthy happy slim curvy size eight.

And it’s not nice to have them say negative things about me. I don’t read the daily mail anymore. Hope the daily mail will say something nice about me one day hahahahah. Anyway going to go and have an amazing rest of the shoot.

Helen recently enjoyed a three month break from her Corrie role, but will be returning to our screens later this year. She will also star in new online episodes featuring Rosie’s London adventure and former Hollyoaks beauty Candy McCulloch has been cast as her nemesis in the all new webisodes.