Coronation Street: Jack P Shepherd says playing David Platt has made him a “recluse!”


Fans of Coronation Street will of course know that 25 year old actor Jack P Shepherd has played the role of the oft-psychotic David Platt for 14 years…

However, in an interview with The Sun’s TV Biz, Jack – whose fiancé Lauren is expecting the couple’s second baby – has revealed that there’s a major downside to having achieved fame at such a young age, and it’s that he’s become old before his time!

He explained, “Because you’re always around adults, you have to grow up fast…

“Which is why I’m basically a 48-year-old man now.

“I don’t go out anywhere — I’m like a recluse.

“I just sneak off, go home and look at my lines, or go to the cinema and watch a film. And obviously I’m busy at home now, too.”

And apropos of his home life, yesterday, Jack took to Twitter to say, “I know it’s sunny, and I know we shouldn’t be but I’m watching Jumanji with [my daughter] Nyla, for the first time! #SickFilm”

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But back to the interview, and Jack insisted he’s nothing like his Corrie character, however he has got David’s malevolent stare off to a fine art.

He said, “I can look with scary eyes, but I still wouldn’t be able to knock a fly out.

“Everybody’s used to it now.

“I suppose people thought it was a bit weird at first, but all the cast and crew are used to the David look.”

He added, “I’m not a serial killer or anything. If I were a Top Trumps card and it said ‘evil look — ten’, it would be ‘physical strength — minus one’.”

Aww bless him! Here’s a look at Jack as David in nutcase mode…

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