Coronation Street: John Stape commits suicide, after kidnapping – AGAIN

We all knew it couldn’t go on for much longer with all the criminal activity clogging up unstable John Stape’s conscience, and the question on everyone’s lips was, ‘how will it end’. After all, this is Soap Land and murderers can not go getting away with their crimes (apart from in Emmerdale – not to name names, *Carl*).

And so the fate of the incredibly clumsy killer teacher has been decided it would seem, Read on to find out how *SPOILER ALERT*

It has been reported today, that in an upcoming episode, Stape (Graham Hawley) will eventually snap under the pressure of his own conscience, and in a last desperate bid to escape his punishment, will take several of the Streets residents hostage, before taking his own life.

Let me refresh your memory of how the once respected teacher has spiralled to such drastic measures, as it really is a game of domino’s.

First of all, he was happy, in love with Fiz (Jenny McAlpine) ,teaching at the local comprehensive school, but then started a seedy affair with stroppy student ‘Dosy’ Rosie Webster (Helen Flannagan).

Fiz found out and dumped him, The school found out and sacked him, and he was forced to join the likes of Street Cars finest, driving taxi’s.

Fiz then forgave him just about the same time that Rosie started to stir trouble for him. What can you do in such a situation? Kidnap said trouble maker, holding her hostage in your late Grandma’s house, keeping her alive on pork scratchings and soup from Freshco’s.

Once his strange house guest had been discovered, he was promptly sent to jail, but when Fiz needed some help with her brothers school work, she found it in her heart to forgive him, and then marry him in prison.

None were to pleased about this, Chesney and the Webster’s in particular, but over time all their memories seemed to be erased. Lucky John seemed to have got everything he loved back.

Apart from teaching. After attending the leaving party of an ex colleague teacher, Colin Fishwick, who was emigrating, John though it would be ok to steal his ID doc’s (making me wonder how said colleague managed to leave the country, but anyway…) and use his identity to be able to teach again.

This he did with next to no problems, until he bumped into another ex colleague, Charlotte, at a conference, and she discovered his secret.

Most people would have just reported him, but this one was as crazy as Stape himself, and decided instead of reporting him, she would become his partner in crime, at the cost of him pretending to her and her parents that he was her fiancee. had i been John i would have reported myself at this point, but anyway….

Colin re-appears, followed by an angry person who wants to hurt him.. Discovering Johns identity ‘borrowing’ he decides to blackmail him, unfortunately the conversation gets a bit too heated, and poor Colin (the real one) has a heart attack and dies.

This would be the point to call an ambulance, replace the ID docs about real Colin’s person, and claim ignorance. But no, our John has a better idea.

He decides the best course of action would be to wrap up real Collin in a carpet, with the help of Charlotte, and dump in the factory floor, to be covered up with cement. Again, this plan worked, but Charlotte became a bit hysterical, and her insanity about wanting to be with John increased.

The night of the tram crash, Charlotte confronts John saying she will tell police about the cover up unless he leaves Fiz for her, to which John responds by hitting her over the head with a hammer and throwing her into the crash’s rubble (again, as far as crime goes, luck still seems to be very much on his side). Charlotte survives, but later has her life support machine turned off, much to the murderer’s relief.

After smoothing all this over, managing to have Christmas with Charlotte’s parents, his wife giving birth prematurely he seems to be able to take a sigh of relief.

That is until real Collin’s mum, Joy, turns up trying to find her son. After spinning her a load of lies about real Collins whereabouts, John finally has enough of Joy and when she has an angina attack, leaves her to die.

Since then, John had been admitted to a mental hospital to help his nerves, but in the meantime Fiz has returned with the baby, and is confronted with a solicitor wanting to find the real Collin to give him his inheritance. Unaware that her husband has anything to do with Joy’s death, or that the real Collin is actualy dead and under underworld, Fiz carries on the Identity fraud that John is Collin, and accepts the money.

John is now out, and wondering where the money has come from.

Right, thats the story so far, are you confused? I am.

Which brings us to this next twist in the very long story.

It has been reported that John will finally snap and kidnap Fiz, her brother Chesney (Sam Aston), her former boyfriend Kirk (Andrew Whyment) and murdered Charlotte’s parents Alan (Michael McStay) and Dorothy (Jean Fergusson). He then keeps them hostage in an unspecified cellar (surely not on the street, unless it’s the Rovers?) as he confesses to all of his crimes and threatens to kill them all.

But in the end takes his own life……