Coronation Street: Michelle Keegan has nothing else lined up after exit!

by Anna Howell
tina mcintyre coronation street (2)

tina mcintyre coronation street (2)

Coronation Street fans were left bitterly disappointed when Michelle Keegan announced her decision to leave last year, but if you were hoping that she would be popping up on another show straight away, I am afraid that disappointment will set in again!

Keegan first appeared on our Corrie screens as Tin McIntyre, the gobby girlfriend of David Platt, back in 2008, but it didn’t take long for the nation to fall head over heels in love with her.

As time went on Tina went from the PoundShop chav to the beautiful and popular bubbly barmaid we all know and love today.

Not even her attempt to steal the baby she gave birth to as a surrogate for Izzy (Cherylee Houston) and Gary (Mikey North), or her illicit affair with Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) could put us off, so when she announced her decision to leave we were all a bit gutted!

At first we all, including Keegan herself, thought that the lovely writers at the hit ITV soap would leave a really big door open for her, should she ever want to return after deciding to move to ‘that London’ (as Sean would say) to be nearer to her presenter fiancé Mark Wright, but alas we were all wrong.

Instead the powers that be decided that instead of sending her away in the back of a taxi, they would instead kill off Tina in one of the shows biggest ever who-dunnits, which is about to play out on our screens.

And Keegan, who has more sexiest actress awards than you can shake a stick at, is going to make the most of her new-found freedom, as she has been explaining to the Daily Mail.

In the interview, the paper quotes Keegan as commenting with regards to her post-Corrie future:

“There’s no plan. I’m going to go with the flow and if I get another job straight away, great, but if I don’t then I don’t. I have things in the pipeline but nothing’s set in stone.”

But that doesn’t mean she plans on leaving TV for good, as she went on to express a desire to follow in the footsteps of former Corrie stars such as Suranne Jones, who played Steve’s wife Karen McDonald and Katherine Kelly, who also played Steve’s wife Becky McDonald (perhaps Michelle should have spent more time with him), adding how she was open to just about anything explaining:

“I’d like to do a bit of drama, a bit of comedy. Lots of variation, ideally.”

Finally the actress went on to say how happy she was with Mark, gushing:

“The idea of marriage is so appealing and with Mark I knew straight away,”

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30pm on ITV1 / ITV1 HD – Watch an interview with Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright in the clip below: