Coronation Street: Natalie Gumede for Strictly Come Dancing?

by Anna Howell

Departing Coronation Street actress, Natalie Gumede, has revealed that since leaving the show in which she portrayed a brutal boyfriend-Basher she would now like to show the nation a more fun side to her, possibly on BBC dancing talent show Strictly Come Dancing!

Fans of the award-winning ITV show will know how Natalie’s character, Kirsty Soames, has been in embroiled in a huge domestic violence plot with her on-screen partner, Tyrone Dobbs played by Alan Halsall.

Tyrone has suffered physically at the hands of Kirsty for months and had planned to run away with their baby daughter, Ruby, after marrying Kirsty to gain parental rights.

However, Kirsty discovered the plan, along with the fact that Tyrone had become involved with his ex, Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) again, and set about setting up Tyrone for crimes that she had actually committed against him.

Tyrone is currently in prison awaiting sentencing for their domestic abuse of Kirsty, with producers so unsure of how to finish the storyline they filmed two endings, one with Tyrone being sent to prison, and one with Kirsty being sent down instead – despite many fans worrying about the effects that letting Kirsty get away with her wicked schemes would have on people in similar situations to Tyrone.

However, as we reported earlier this month Natalie Gumede revealed her decision to quit the show meaning a happy ending could be in store.

However, now that Natalie, who joined the show last year as bully policewoman Kirsty, has revealed how after filming so many hard-hitting storylines she would like to do something a little more on the fun side, for example comedy:

She explained to PA:  “I think it would be great to do a comedy after such an intense role… it would be nice to do something light-hearted and show I’m not as nasty as Kirsty.”

The actress, who is up for best villain award at this year’s British soap awards, went on to explain how much of a fan she is of the hugely popular BBC dancing show Strictly Come Dancing, admitting that she would be interested taking part.

Natalie filmed her final themes as Kirsty Soames earlier this month, with her on-screen exit set to play out in an upcoming storyline on the show later this spring.

What a clip of Kirsty in action in the clip below: