Coronation Street News: Ken Morley wants to come back and make the soap less gay!

Ken Morley has admitted that he is desperate to return to ‘Coronation Street’.

The 68-year-old actor is best known as bespectacled supermarket boss Reg Holdsworth, who he played on the ITV soap until 1995 and has blasted current Corrie bosses, saying that there is not enough humour of fun in Weatherfield anymore.

He said: “What they need to do is bring back comedy and topics that the viewers can relate to. It’s lost the comedy, it’s lost plot, but let’s not kick it while it’s down – let’s try to fix it. They need a character like Reg again. A Holdsworth in the Rovers Return would get people tuning in.

“There is nothing he couldn’t do – a character like that could save ‘Corrie’ single-handedly by ranting about Real Issues in the Rovers. The executive producer Kieran Roberts asked me, ‘Would you ever consider coming back?’ I told him I’d come back as a scourge questioning the morals, the views and the thinking of younger people.

“They really need to get to grips with ‘Corrie’ or the nation is going to lose an institution.”

Ken also joined some groups of viewers, who have suggested the soap has become too gay. Singing out the recent storyline involving Audrey Roberts’ transvestite boyfriend, he added to The Sun newspaper:

“It’s not traditional ‘Coronation Street’. It’s just another far-fetched step away from the real world. How many blokes do you know who dress up as women then go out with women?

“The Street has gone too far with gay problems, gay shoes, gay fish and chips. They need to get back to square one and deal with people’s everyday problems in a humorous way.”

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