Coronation Street News: Michelle Collins is keeping her dodgy accent!

Michelle Collins won’t be losing her much complained about accent on Coronation Street.

The former Eastenders actress attracted criticism when she joined the ITV soap earlier this year as Stella Price and adopted a Northern accent, which many people thought sounded fake.

However show boss Phil Collinson has backed the star, insisting that her accent is “brilliant” and telling fans that they had better get used to her dialect, as it is here to stay.

He said: “The landlady of the Rovers Returns is a key part of the show and as the landlady we felt very clearly that they had to have a northern accent. I think Michelle’s accent is brilliant.

“We couldn’t say a character started with a northern accent and suddenly change, and we wouldn’t want to. Just to robustly say, we are really happy with Michelle’s performance and character – we have storylines planned for this new family right through next year.

“What’s happening here is a confusion that often happens with new families that come in to soaps where people find a little time to get used to them.”

Michelle herself recently spoke out on the issue, admitting that she feels “bewildered” by the outcry against how she speaks on Corrie, as the accent was well received when she used it in a stage show earlier this year.

Speaking on ITV1’s ‘This Morning’, she added: “What annoys me is that I’m quite bewildered by it actually.

“‘Coronation Street’ have made me very welcome, people amongst the cast haven’t complained, and to be honest with you I live in Manchester – well, most of the time I’m living up there – and I’ve been working in Bolton since January.

“I was doing a strong Bolton accent in a play, and I was told to bring it down to make it subtle and there is no generic northern accent, everyone is different. In ‘Coronation Street’ everyone has very different accents.”