Coronation Street: Oliver Mellor says “everyone has a crush” on Michelle Keegan!

Corrie actor Oliver Mellor – who plays dishy medic Dr Matt Carter – has revealed that he’s loving the chance to play Tina McIntyre’s new love interest, as it means he gets to work more closely with Michelle Keegan…

And in an interview with the Daily Mirror, Oliver went on to reveal that being given a romance storyline is like getting “a promotion” on the show.

He also joked that the rivalry between his character Matt and Chris Fountain’s character Tommy Duckworth often continues off-screen!

He explained, “When Chris and I are in character, we’re like rutting stags trying to be the alpha male…

“Sometimes when the camera stops rolling, we carry that on in the green room and pretend we’re competing over Tina.

“I’m sure there are a lot of jealous guys who wish they were in our shoes…

“Who wouldn’t be? Most guys on the Street would like Tina as their on-screen girlfriend and I think, deep down, they all fancy Michelle.

“Everyone has a secret crush on her. But you can’t really blame them, can you?

“There’s a reason why Michelle is winning all these sexiest female awards.

“And she’s lovely too. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body.

“When there’s an on-screen romance you obviously have to get a bit closer physically, and you expect a bit of awkwardness.

“But there never was any with me and Michelle. We both like to have fun on set and when we did our first kissing scene I was joking all the day that I’d been eating crab paste and garlic to make my breath stink.

“She said she’d been eating something even worse. You have to joke about it.”

On the subject of Michelle’s fiancé Max George – singer with the band The Wanted – Oliver said, “I haven’t met Max yet but there’s really no reason why we wouldn’t get on.

“She [Michelle] talks to me about him a lot, she’s very excited about being engaged, and he’s just a regular lad doing what he loves…

“Their careers are storming. He’s not a bad-looking lad either.”

We’ll see romance blossom between Matt and Tina in coming weeks.

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