Coronation Street: Paula Lane says Kylie could lose Max thanks to her antics!

As viewers of Corrie will know, Kylie Platt has been busy alienating her husband David’s (Jack P Shepherd) family all week…

First she got herself kicked out by mum-in-law Gail (Helen Worth) for flirting with a bloke in the Rovers, then she made an arch enemy out of Audrey (Sue Nicholls) by blackmailing her.

But it seems she’s going to pay the price when David returns from his trip away and threatens to leave his mum Gail’s house unless she allows Kylie back home.

And while she’s glad he’s taking her side and supporting her, a move away from the security of Gail’s house could spell bad news when Max’s social worker hears about it…

Speaking to Soaplife, Paula Lane, who of course plays Kylie, explained, “Gail won’t let her back into the house…

“Kylie’s upset and in the bistro with new friend Eva when she sees Nick’s house keys on a table.

“She takes them, lets herself into the house and barricades herself in to show Gail how determined and desperate she is to put things right.”

Not unreasonably, when David gets back and sees the chaos, he wants to know what’s going on, and comes down firmly on Kylie’s side.

Of that, Paula said, “He’s very much on her side. It’s an emotional scene and you can see how strong their marriage is.

“She’s never really had family to remember her birthdays so she had thought this was going to be special.

“He’s very supportive when she goes off the rails and he realises how fragile she really is.”

The couple make up their minds to move out of Gail’s, however, the social worker warns them that without Gail’s support, and if they change their address, they could jeopardize their chances of ever having custody of Max.

So when asked which Kylie would choose – staying at Gail’s and getting Max back, or moving away, Paula said, “It would be living at Gail’s and having Max with her.

“She feels she and David are ready to move on, he’s showing her commitment and that he wants to be a family.

“Also, without Max in the picture she’s not complete. They’re ready to be a trio.”

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