Coronation Street: Sally has cancer in real life!

Coronation Street star Sally Whittaker found out that she had cancer, just days before she began filming scenes about her character going through the same ordeal.

The 46 year old mum of three was diagnosed with breast cancer six months ago, but decided to go ahead with filming of scenes which showed her on-screen persona, Sally Webster, battling the disease.

A source told The News Of The World: “It was a bombshell and horrendous for her. She had just been told about the plans for her character and then she found out she had cancer for real a few days before filming.

“It was utterly horrific. But Sally knew she had to stay strong and vowed to beat it.”

The source added: “Many actresses would have pulled out but Sally decided to go ahead. There was never any doubt in her mind that she could battle this.”

“It was a huge shock for her. She has always been fit and healthy.

“She discussed her cancer with her family and oncologist and decided she wanted to carry on filming.

“She spoke to the bosses at Corrie and explained she would need time off but she made it clear she was going to fight the cancer.”

Bosses then arranged that Sally could film all her scenes in an intensive block, meaning that she was then able to take a six month break from the show and get treatment for the disease.

The source went on: “She has finally turned a corner. She is feeling better and now all she wants to do is get back to Coronation Street.”

Sally will return to work this month. We greatly admire her bravery!