Coronation Street: Simon Gregson wants Steve McDonald to stay single after Becky fiasco!

Simon Gregson has confessed that he would rather see his Coronation Street character Steve McDonald remaining celibate for a while, after his disastrous marriage to Becky ends.

The 36 year old actor thinks that once his alter ego extracts himself from his troublesome relationship with his blonde bombshell wife (Katherine Kelly), he should stop and spend some extra time with his only daughter Amy (Elle Mulvaney), before rushing into a new relationship.

He explained: “I hope life will be a lot quieter and calmer for Steve now. He has to move on and it’ll be hard but I believe he can see a future without Becky.

“I think he should remain celibate for a while. Steve tends to like women who are slightly deranged – though he often doesn’t realise until it’s too late. It’s obviously up to the writers to devise a future for him but I reckon he really needs to concentrate on getting things back on track with his family and his work and businesses.”

Simon also thinks that while it was a difficult decision for Steve to make, he has done the right thing in letting Becky go. She was a milestone around his neck for the last few months after all!

He added to Inside Soap magazine: “He’s at his wits’ end. It’s done with a heavy heart, but he just knows that it’s the end of the line for them.
“Somewhere, deep down he probably does still love Becky, but it’s a classic case of can’t-live-with-her and can’t-live-without-her, only in Steve’s case, he’s seen the light and decided it’s easier to live without Becky.”

We hear what Simon is saying, however, we’d quite like to see Steve and Tracey back together, or even Steve and Michelle Connor when Kym Marsh comes back from her maternity leave. After all, he is definitely at his best when he has a strong woman bossing him around!