Coronation Street Spoiler Clip: David Platt goes nuts and attacks mum Gail with, well, nuts! (VIDEO)

david, gail, coronation street

Coronation Street resident David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) has never been the most emotionally stable of people…

But in next week’s episodes of the show, the knowledge that his mum Gail (Helen Worth) knows that his wife Kylie slept with his brother Nick (Ben Price) and may therefore be expecting his baby, looks like it’s going to send David right over the edge…

The drama begins when David’s at home with Gail, and as she’s pottering around in the kitchen, he throws nuts at her, saying, “Here, have a nut…”

Not unreasonably, Gail’s less than impressed with David’s ‘joke’, and she becomes increasingly angry as he persists in making her a target for his airborne snacks.

And while threatening that she may move out if his bizarre behaviour doesn’t stop, David launches into what to Gail is a bewildering rant about how his childhood was dogged by upset.

He tells Gail, “I sometimes feel like everybody’s against me…

“Especially you, mother! You’re supposed to look back on your childhood and it’s supposed to be happy isn’t it?

“Everybody’s supposed to be getting on, but mine wasn’t like that was it?

“Because we didn’t get on did we? And why was that eh? Why?!”

david, kylie, coronation street

At that point, a horrified Kylie (Paula Lane) walks in on the astonishing scene, but will David blurt out what he knows while in his rage? Or will he calm down sufficiently to keep what he knows to himself?

Find out next week, but for now, here’s the clip…

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