Coronation Street Spoiler Clip: Leanne Tilsley & Gail Platt keep vigil at Nick’s side, but there’s terrible news! (VIDEO)

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As we reported recently, in next week’s episodes of Coronation Street, Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) will be left fighting for his life after his vengeful brother David (Jack P Shepherd) put both of their lives in jeopardy after revealing to Nick that he knows about his one night stand with Kylie…

As we reported earlier, David will reveal what he knows as he and Nick are in Nick’s van, and in a moment of crazed jealousy, and while wanting revenge, David unfastens his brother’s seatbelt, so when the van is then broadsided by a lorry, Nick’s left unconscious.

He’s rushed to hospital, and David of course calls Nick’s wife Leanne (Jane Danson) to tell her that terrible news, while also calling his own wife Kylie (Paula Lane) who alerts Nick and David’s mum, Gail.

The women are frantic when they arrive at the hospital to hear that Nick’s had emergency surgery on his brain, and though the doctor tells them that the operation went well, it’s clear Nick’s far from out of the woods…

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The doctor tells Leanne and Gail that for now, Nick’s in an induced coma and on life support while they wait to see if his brain swelling subsides. Only if and when it does – assuming he doesn’t die of his injuries first – can they risk bringing Nick round, and again, only once he’s conscious can they know if he’ll have any lasting brain damage.

Here’s a look at that drama, which will air on Friday, August 9…

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