Coronation Street Spoiler: David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) wants a baby, and lands Tina (Michelle Keegan) in it by telling Tommy (Chris Fountain) she aborted their baby!

by Anna Howell

Things seem to have settled down for Weatherfield’s fiery duo, David and Kylie Platt, so what better time than to through a firework into their lives?

Ever since Coronation Street’s David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) married Kylie (Paula Lane) they have worked together to prove everyone wrong and become one of the strongest married couples the soap has seen for a long time.

David proved himself to be a dependable husband, and father to Kylie’s son Max, when he fought tooth and nail to get him released back into their care after social services took him when David reported that Kylie’s sister, Becky, had bought him from her last year.

Now the three are living a happy little family life at David’s mum, Gayle’s (Helen Worth) house, whilst working modest jobs to get through life.

However, the dynamics between David and Kylie are about to change in a bad way when David decides that it is time that they have a baby of their own. Kylie is against the idea from the start, pointing out that they don’t even have their own home, but once David gets an idea in his head there is no stopping him. Kylie eventually gives in and agrees to the plan, but secretly continues to take her pill!

Speaking to the ITV Coronation Street website, Jack P Shepherd, who plays David in the award-winning ITV soap, explains the upcoming storyline:

“David’s always wanted kids, he didn’t have a great father figure himself so he wants to put that right. He loves Max to bits but he thinks a child of their own would really complete the family. He thinks it would really bond him and Kylie together and make them a proper family unit.

“He’s not thinking rationally, Kylie is and suggests they need more stability first and to be more established in their careers but David isn’t thinking like that, he wants a baby and he wants one now. He doesn’t see any need to wait, it’s all he can think about.

“He’s aware she’s [Kylie] not as into the idea as he is but he thinks if he keeps pushing she’ll come round to the idea and once she’s pregnant she’ll want the baby as much as he does.


However, this doesn’t stop him sharing his plans with his mum, Gayle:

“Gail doesn’t think it’s a great idea at the moment but for once she’s careful not to say too much because she knows that as soon as they get onto the subject of babies David will just throw in her face that she made Tina abort his baby.”

In an attempt to show him how difficult babies can be, Kylie sets David up by agreeing for the pair of them to look after babies Hope and Joseph for the afternoon, then does a runner, leaving him to cope with the tots alone. The plan backfires, however, as she returns to find him enjoying the experience, and coping brilliantly with it…

Discussing the set-up, Shepherd explains: “He thinks Kylie’s going to help out but she has the cunning plan to disappear and leave him to it, presuming he’ll struggle. But surprisingly David’s a dab hand with the kids and has it all under control. It backfires for Kylie really as it just makes him think I can do this.”

In preparation for their baby-making, David books him and Kylie into a hotel for the night, but this does not go down well with his wife, who turns him down!

“He’s gutted, he’s been talking to her about booking a night away and she doesn’t really react so he takes that as a yes and goes ahead and books it. But when he goes in the Bistro and says I’ve booked it she says no she’s working. So David kicks off, saying work means more to her than him now, and that’s when everything starts to unravel.”

Kylie later confesses to Eva that she’s still on the pill and has no intention of getting 
pregnant, Shepherd ponders over how David would react if he found this out, and how it would affect their marriage!

“He’d be annoyed, he’d be devastated, he’d feel a little bit betrayed and lied to but I hope he’d try to see why she did it and talk to her. I hope they’d be able to sort it out.

“I think they’ve got a really good relationship, they’re very similar but when they argue they do clash and they go at it hammer and tongs. I think they really do care a lot about each other though, it’s definitely love.”

Things take a sinister twist when it becomes public knowledge that David’s ex, Tina (Michelle Keegan) is pregnant. Not wanting to disclose the details of their surrogacy plan, Tina’s partner, Tommy (Chris Fountain) is forced to face the congratulations when people assume that he is the father. However, when David goes over to congratulate him, the bitterness and resentment he feels over wanting kids himself, and the fact that Tina aborted his baby, spills over and he ends up landing Tina in it!

“Tommy comes in the Rovers and people start congratulating him on having a baby. David’s slightly jealous but he says well done mate, I’ll buy you a beer, it’s worked out well for you, better than me and Tina, I really wanted that baby. Tommy asks him what he’s on about, David says Tina had an abortion with his child, presuming Tina must have told him, but she hadn’t and he realises he’s put his foot in it.”

Shepherd goes on to say how he believes his character will always have feelings for Tina, explaining:

“She was his first love so there’s always going to be something there. Whenever David orders a beer I always give her a slight wink or check her out, you’ve got to keep it real!

When asked what sort of dad so he thought David would make, Shepherd replied:

“I think he’d be a great dad, a really energetic one. I think he’d always want to play with them, take them on days out and be a big kid himself. He’d make sure he gave that kid a better childhood than he had. No trying to drown them in canals!”

Watch David’s reaction to finding out his mum had helped Tina abort his baby in the clip below:

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