Coronation Street spoiler: Eva Price stunned and humiliated when ‘perfect’ Rob Donovan dumps her!

by Anna Howell

Poor Eva Price is set to be dealt another blow in Coronation Street, when her new interest, Rob Donovan, tells her their budding new relationship isn’t going anywhere.

The question is, can she dust herself off and try again, or will this latest knock back send the busty barmaid over the edge to bunny-boiler territory?
Fans of the award-winning ITV soap will remember how Eva (Catherine Tyldesley) first came to the soap having discovered that her fiancée had been cheating on her.  Since then she has drifted from one pointless relationship to another, with Rob (Marc Baylis) being the latest man to throw her out with the rubbish.

First of all there was her disastrous relationship with her half-sister’s ex-husband, Nick (Ben Price).  Eva fell head over heels in love with the Bistro owner, though it was clear for everyone else to see that she was far more into him than he was to her, and the whole thing came crashing down after her paranoid and insecure personality saw him running to the hills when she started accusing him of cheating on her with his sister-in-law, Kylie (Paula Lane).

Nick dumped her, but she still held hope that he would change her mind and take her back.  That was until she walked in on him declaring his everlasting love for her sister, Leanne (Jane Danson) before the pair skipped off in the sunset together.

Her latest squeeze is the former jailbird brother of Carla Connor, Rob, who only showed an interest in the unlucky-in-love hopeless romantic when she could help him trick Ryan (Sol Heras) into admitting his work injury was nothing but an insurance scam.  However, true to previous form, Eva took that slight interest as the start of an affair to remember, and started practicing what her signature will be like when she is Mrs Eva Donovan.

But, her happiness is set to be very short-lived in deed, when Rob callously dumps her a week on Thursday, leaving her feeling more rejected and humiliated than ever, especially when she does a very sub-standard job of hiding her disappointment, according to the Daily Star newspaper.

A Coronation Street insider told the paper: “Eva arrived on the cobbles after her fiancé cheated on her and she hasn’t had much luck at all with the fellas of ­Weatherfield.

“She fell for Nick in a big way but her paranoia actually cost her that relationship.

“Eva was hoping things with Rob might work out and she is gutted when they don’t.

“She feels humiliated all over again and she just can’t understand why she has such bad luck when it comes to the men in her life.”

The insider added: “Rob was ideal for her because he had both charm and power. She needed someone like him after her ­disappointing relationship with Nick.

“Rob made her feel good so she is set to hit an all-time low when he ends it.

“She really starts to wonder what is wrong with her.

“She’s one of those girls who needs a man in her life and won’t stop until she gets one.”

Watch Eva in action in the clip below:

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