Coronation Street spoiler: Gloria’s scam to trap Lewis is revealed, and Gail McIntyre was in on it

by Anna Howell

Well, we have all been wondering what Gloria Price has been up to in Coronation Street, and now we know!

Fans of the award-winning ITV soap will know how after employing Lewis Archer (Nigel Havers) behind the Rovers Return bar, despite the judgement of Audrey’s (Sue Nichols) family, Gloria (Sue Johnson) has been acting very strangely indeed.

First of all she told Lewis in confidence that she was dying, with only days left, begging him not to tell anyone, and secretly help her spend her final moments as enjoyably as possible. At first we thought this might have been a way to get him to notice her, and entice a romance.

However, her next move, shown in last night’s episode, was to get her granddaughter, Leanne (Jane Danson) to write a fake cheque for £12,500 from the bookies, and then paraded it in the bar to make him, and everyone else believe that she had won the money on a horse.

But, it would seem, the mystery is about to be resolved as Digital Spy reports that Lewis is about to discover that the whole plot has been concocted by Audrey’s daughter, Gail (Helen Worth) in a bid to test Lewis’ loyalty to his mother, enlisting the help of Gloria posing as a wealthy, dying woman in order to try and tempt back into his old con-man antics.

Viewers will see the plot thicken next week when Gloria asks Lewis to run away with her to Spain, and whilst Lewis passes the test by turning down the offer, he is left red-faced when he finds out it was all a scam to trap him, set up by Gail!

Lewis exposes Gloria’s behaviour, humiliating her in front of the entire pub in the process, whilst ending his relationship with Audrey, believing she was in on it and doesn’t trust him, but his real revenge is focussed on Gail!

Speaking to, Helen Worth who plays Weatherfield veteran Gail said: “Well, she was in cahoots with Gloria to set Lewis up, so when Lewis humiliates Gloria, it does cross Gail’s mind that she could be next in the firing line.

“They do say revenge is a dish best served cold, so Lewis could be biding his time before setting Gail up for a fall. Lewis does tell Gloria that he has dealt with her, and will now turn his attentions to Gail.”

Gail does try to make amends with Lewis after she discovers that he has sold his father’s watch in order to pay back the money that Audrey paid off one of his previous victims with, and buys back the watch to give him back.

Worth continued: “When Gail returns Lewis’s father’s watch, she feels that they are equal and that she has made amends for her ever doubting him. Gail thinks that this gesture as well her apology should even the stakes between the pair, but has she grossly underestimated Lewis?”

Could this be the end of the road for Lewis and Audrey, or Gail and Audrey for that matter? Leave your thoughts and comments below:

Watch the moment Lewis was originally discovered as being a con man in the clip below:

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