Coronation Street Spoiler: Leanne Barlow (Jane Danson) left sad and alone on hen night after drunken row with half-sister,Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesly)

by Anna Howell

With a hen party including your fiancée’s ex (who happens to be your resentful half-sister) and your already once ex-mother-in-law, Leanne Barlow’s Coronation Street send off to married life was never going to be a fabulous one, was it?

And the guest list goes someway to explaining why it precisely was not that, as the Daily Mail newspaper has printed pictures of that Leanne (Jane Danson) left alone and miserable on her big night, after a drunken row with her sister, Eva (Catherine Tyldesley).

The publication has released the pictures of the unhappy bride-to-be, looking very down in the dumps, alone with only a cheap veil on her head for company.

According to the publication Leanne, who is set to marry her ex-husband, Nick Tilsley for the second time, is set for a night of lonely misery after a drunken Eva makes her feelings about the upcoming wedding (which she helped orchestrate) extremely loud and clear, resulting in an upset Leanne storming off alone, without any support from her mother, Stella (Michelle Collins) who is seen staggering at the end of the night with the rest of the hen party.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know how on Monday, Nick is manipulated into proposing to Leanne by his sister in law, Kylie (Paula Lane) after she concocts a plan with scheming Eva to break him and Leanne up.

Oblivious to the fact that he is being set up, Nick goes against his better judgement and pops the question to Leanne, believing it is what she wants, when Eva and Kylie know full well it is not. The proposal does not go well at all at first, but it seems that the meddling pair’s plan eventually backfires on them when Leanne later changes her mind.

Asked if Nick had planning on proposing in an interview with, Ben Price, who plays Nick, said: “No not at all, maybe some time in the future – but certainly not yet.

“But Kylie persuades him that any woman would love to be swept off their feet and proposed to in that way.

“But of course it couldn’t be further from the truth, but where Leanne is concerned Nick ignores his own instinct, he has given her chance after chance.”

If the wedding does go ahead, this will be the second time up the aisle for the couple, watch them running away to Gretna Green the first time in the clip below:

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