Coronation Street spoiler: Peter Barlow reunites with wife Leanne but then tries to do a runner with Carla Connor and son Simon

What a hectic few weeks it is set to be for the fuming custody battle over little Simon Barlow, and viewers of Coronation Street are set to be shocked and surprised at some of the twists and turns that will bump the road to residency being granted!

Firstly, and probably most surprisingly, Peter Barlow (Chris Gasgoyne) is set to reunite with estranged wife, Leanne (Jane Danson)!

Scenes filmed have shown a very angry-looking Carla Connor (Alison King) as she discovers that her boyfriend, Peter, has rekindled his relationship with wife, Leanne, who he left to be with Carla after her rape trial last year, but agrees to meet the bookie by the canal to discuss the situation.

Peter tries  to tell Carla that he is going back to his wife, but the factory owner reacts by lashing out, firing a torrent of abuse at the man she loves before telling him to leave her alone.

When the amicable talk turns to the heated row, viewers are set for their second surprise when little Simon, who has not been shy at expressing his hate towards  the woman he blames for his parents break up, comforts a very distressed Carla by reaching out and hugging her.

It is very unclear as to why Simon has finally warmed towards Carla, but perhaps it is this little PDA between the two that solves the mystery as to why Peter was going back to Leanne in the first place, and why he subsequently then changes his mind!

With the current storyline surrounding the custody court case, viewers will see next week how Simon will tell the judge how he wants to live with Leanne rather than his father, perhaps helping Peter make the decision to go back to his wife, scared that otherwise he might lose his son.  Carla doesn’t help the situation either when she attempts to bribe Leanne into leaving the country.

However, it seems that perhaps the heart-warming scenes between his former girlfriend and his son may have changed Peter’s mind about wanting to go back to Leanne, as scenes filmed this week have shown him at a train station with Simon and Carla, as they attempt to do a runner with the young lad.

From the look on Carla’s face in the pictures shown in the Daily Mail newspaper, it is clear to see that she is definitely no longer a women scorned, as the pair look very much back on track.  However, a visit from Leanne at the very last-minute wipes the smiled from their faces, especially as it becomes very clear very quickly that she isn’t there to try and get her man back, but  her stepson instead.

Scenes show Simon running into the arms of Leanne, who then takes him back to the cobbles of Weatherfield, leaving Peter devestated and being comforted by Carla, who then convinces him to get on the train with her, regardless of Simon and Leanne.

Watch this dramatic climax start to unfold all next week in Coronation Street.

Watch some of the scenes leading up to the Court case in the clip below:

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