Coronation Street spoiler: Simon Barlow in hospital after a boozy night (No, that’s not a typo, I don’t mean Peter!)

Oh, this doesn’t look good for Coronation Street‘s Peter and Carla, does it?

It would seem that young Master Simon Barlow is more like his dad and replacement step mum as he would care to admit, as anew twist to the custody battle storyline will see the youngster hospitalised with alcohol poisoning after drinking Carla’s secret stash of wine!
Viewers have watched how Simon Barlow has started to spiral out of control following his father, Peter’s (Chris Gascogne)  marriage to the woman he considers his mum, Leanne (Jane Danson) breakdown, and her swift replacement with black widow, Carla Connor (Alison King).

But, no matter how bad things seem at the moment, they are set to get a whole lot worse when, with his parents all suitably distracted by their own bickering, Simon’s behaviour turns from disruptive, to destructive!

The situation comes to a head when Simon goes missing from school after a heated confrontation with his head master, and whilst hiding in the cupboard at home comes across Carla’s secret wine stash and ends up unconscious in hospital after drinking the lot, leaving Peter and Carla having to find answers to some pretty intense questions by social services.

When Peter returns to the flat after having been out searching for his son, he finds the boy passed out on the sofa, an insider told the Daily Star newspaper: “Simon has become more and more disruptive these last few weeks and Peter is struggling to cope.

“With Simon out of it from the booze, it doesn’t take long for social services to get involved. Leanne stays by Simon’s hospital bed and Peter finally sees that all he’s ­needed these last few months is for his mum to still be in his life.

“It’s going to test his relationship with Carla. They’ve been through so much but Simon can’t stand her and has done everything to destroy their relationship.”

Maybe this will be the incident that see’s Peter and Leanne briefly reunited, especially when Carla offers to leave town for good blaming herself for everything (well it was her wine!), but with reports out today that suggest that Michelle Connor will take over the running of Underworld when Carla and Peter leave Weatherfield after losing custody of Simon, it would seem that peace wont play a huge part in proceedings!

Watch how the situation started in the clip below:

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