Coronation Street spoiler: Stella catches Karl and Sunita in action and there is baby heartbreak for one young couple!

In case you thought all the excitement in soap land was confined to EastEnders and the live birth during the Olympic torch relay this week, think again!

Coronation Street is jam-packed this week with must-see episodes, with more drama jumping out of your screen than you can shake a stick at!

First off is Stella’s (Michelle Collins) discovery of the affair between her boyfriend, Karl (John Michie) and her friend, Sunita (Shobna Gulati).

Fans of the award-winning soap will know how Karl and Sunita were involved in an illicit affair behind Stella’s back.  The affair came to an end after Sunita made it pretty clear that she wanted to be than a bit on the side to Karl.  Realising the depth he had got himself into with the busty barmaid, he called an end to their affair.  Sunita’s reaction was to propose to her long-term partner, Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) despite having fallen out of love with him months ago.

With the wedding plans underway, Sunita feels more trapped than ever and confides in her old lover, confessing that she can not marry Dev when she is in love with him instead.  Karl’s reaction to this is to persuade her to quit her job behind the bar, which she does, but it would seem that this may not have had the completed desired effect.

Next week viewers will see Stella taking her daughters, Leanne (Jane Danson) and Eva (Catherine Tyldesley) out for a meal, leaving Karl in charge at the pub.  Meanwhile, with Dev on a golfing outing, Sunita finds herself at a loose end (seriously, what do these people do with their kids?) and heads over for an evening at the Rovers.

With both partners out of sight, and the attraction between them still very apparent, Karl and Sunita end up in a rather compromising position on the bar after all the customers have gone home.  However, arriving back early from their meal, Stella and her girls walk in on the seedy scene, much to Karl’s horror, and Sunita’s secret and smug delight (if the look on her face is anything to go by).

Stella unleashes the beast inside her and throws her no-good bloke out the door without a second glance before slapping Sunita round the chops and dragging her onto the cobbles by her hair publicly announcing that she is “a slag”.

Dev, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same platinum spine that Stella does, and broken-hearted, and suicidal, turns to the bottle when he decides to forgive his cheating Mrs and take her back, but will she go?

Meanwhile, Gary (Mikey North) and wheelchair-bound girlfriend, Izzy (Cherylee Houston) are heartbroken to discover that they have lost the baby they only just found out they were expecting.

Izzy revealed her pregnancy to Gary nervously after he declared an intolerance for babies after helping out with Hope and Joseph when the family were struck with the flu.  However, he surprised her by saying that he was over the moon about becoming a dad, and the pair set about sharing their exciting news with their family.

Izzy’s dad, Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies) was very vocal about his opinion on the matter.  He considered them to not be a stable enough couple, but more importantly he worried that his daughter would not be able to be a proper mum because of her disability, which left poor Izzy heartbroken.

The situation had seemed to calm down somewhat, but at the end of last week when Gary asked a very tired looking Izzy to stop work and rest, she was adamant that she did not need to be wrapped up in cotton wool and refused point-blank not to hand in her notice.

When on Friday she agrees to do overtime on top of her already packed load, Gary causes a scene at the factory, causing Izzy to collapse.  She is rushed to hospital where they are told that she has suffered a miscarriage.

Gary tries to comfort her and even tells her “We can try for another baby,” but the look in her eyes suggests this may not be a dream that she shares with him.

Coronation Street can be seen Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings on ITV1/ITV1 HD.