Coronation Street Spoiler! Tina’s suicide attempt

It seems that the troubled and grieving Tina McIntyre – played by Michelle Keegan – is set to plummet to the depths of misery and despair in coming weeks as she struggles to come to terms with her father’s death.

As her relationship with Jason breaks down, Tina finds herself alone and unable to get her life back on track as her world crumbles, and in a shock storyline, Tina’s reportedly going to attempt to starve herself to death.

The Daily Star reports that Tina will see it as a way out of her grief, but she’s to be saved by Graeme Proctor – played by Craig Gazey – who, up to now, has had mostly ‘comedy’ storylines in the show.

However, it seems he’s set to show his serious and tender side as he gently nurses Tina back to health…

The paper states that when Graeme notices that nobody’s seen Tina for a while, he goes to her flat to check on her, but when he gets no reply, he breaks down the door and finds Tina unconscious.

Panic stricken, Graeme calls for an ambulance, however, Tina comes round and begs him to cancel it.

The paper adds that she then breaks down and reveals to Graeme that she just wants to die.

During the episode – which will air in May – Tina tells Graeme, “I miss my dad so much I want to die.

“I thought if I didn’t eat anything I’d just go to sleep and never wake up.”

A Corrie insider is quoted in the paper as saying, “Tina’s heading to a real dark place but luckily for her Graeme is there to help.

“There will be loads of touching scenes between the two friends as she tries to get her life back on track.”

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