Coronation Street spoiler: Tommy Duckworth to cheat death when he falls asleep at the wheel!

It had begun to  look like things may  have finally settled down for Coronation Street’s Tommy Duckworth, but don’t hold your breath as the drama is set to return with a bang, well crash actually, in two weeks time.

Viewers of the award-winning ITV soap will know that in recent months Tommy’s (Chris Fountain) life was set in turmoil after his villainous father, Terry, returned to his life and left him a whole world of debt with some heavy loan sharks.

Terry made a run for it leaving Tommy to face the music and the aftermath of the betrayal lead to a brief split with his girlfriend, Tina (Michelle Keegan) and the kidnapping of Rita (Barbara Knox) on her wedding day to Dennis Tanner (Philip Lowrie).

However, despite all the drama having supposedly calmed down, and the loan sharks safely behind bars, Tommy is still in debt to best friend, Tyrone (Alan Halsall) for a sum of around about £9,000 after he borrowed it to pay off the loan sharks at the beginning of the saga (but which Terry took with him when he left).

And so it is with this debt in mind to his best friend who is about to become a dad for the first time that loyal Tommy decides to take a second job as a pizza delivery driver, in order to pay off the debt quicker, according to the Sun newspaper.

However, the pressure of working non stop soon takes its toll on the beautiful valet and he has a lucky escape as he falls asleep at the wheel and smashes into a parked truck, narrowly avoiding serious injury.

His troubles don’t end there though as a policeman watches the entire incident and begins to question Tommy, but what will the consequences be?

Coronation Street can be seen Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings on ITV1/ITV1 HD. (Watch out for schedule changes due to the Olympic Games over the next few weeks)