Coronation Street Spoiler: Tommy Kidnaps Tina to scupper surrogacy plans!

by Anna Howell

Izzy Armstrong is left heartbroken in Coronation Street next week, when Tina misses a vital appointment for the surrogacy, because she has been kidnapped by her boyfriend, Tommy Duckworth!

Fans of the award-winning ITV soap will know how Tina (Michelle Keegan) has agreed to be a surrogate for Izzy (Cherylee Houston) and Gary Windass (Mikey North) for a rather tidy sum of money.  However, her boyfriend, Tommy (Chris Fountain) is not happy with the plan, despite needing the cash desperately to pay off the couples mounting debts.

When Izzy and Gary arrange the appointment to have their donation implanted in Tina, Tommy decides the best course of action is to offer to drive his girlfriend there, but then take her as far away as possible, so that the appointment is ruined.

His plan works too, and a devastated Izzy and Gary are told that they have missed their time slot, and that in order for the embryo’s to survive, an emergency appointment the following day must be kept!

A Coronation Street insider told the Daily Star newspaper: “Izzy and Gary are in a right mess at the clinic as they frantically try to reach Tina. She knew how important the appointment was to them and they can’t understand why she has not turned up.

“But it’s all down to Tommy.

“He pretends he is driving her to the appointment but takes her miles away in a bid to stop her making the biggest mistake of her life. He thinks what she is doing is wrong and he can’t stand by and let her make such a huge mistake.”

The insider added: “Tina listens to him and even starts to think maybe he is right.

“But with everything she has promised to Izzy and Gary it’s going to take some doing for her to break their hearts. Everyone will have to wait to see what she decides to do.”

Catch the action on ITV1 a week on Monday!