Coronation Street Spoilers! A big summer for the Street!

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The following article contains spoilers about upcoming episodes of Corrie so if you don’t want to know, don’t read on after the ‘Read More’ link!

However, for those of you who do want to know, it seems that the Cobbles of Weatherfield will be trodden for the last time by some and for others, the summer heat on the Street is about to get a really lot hotter…

One of several big storylines in the making is that Molly and Kevin Webster are about to embark on a steamy affair! What on earth will Sally do when she finds out that Kevin’s playing away, again! And poor old Tyrone; if it weren’t for bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all sometimes would he?

Kevin and Molly's steamy affair, Coronation Street

It seems that Molly Dobbs and Kevin Webster are going to be caught by police ‘canoodling’ in a car. The police officer merely asks them to move on it seems but it surely won’t be long before their affair’s revealed?

Another big plotline revolves around Ashley and Claire Peacock who’re in for a rough time in the coming months. Apparently, their marriage will begin to disintegrate as their money troubles get more and more burdensome but, after several rows over it and lots of storming off, it seems that Claire is going to collapse at work. When she gets to hospital, it’s revealed that she had been pregnant but has miscarried due to a life threatening blood clot which subsequently moves to her lung.

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We’re going to be left on tenterhooks as our Clerrrr battles for life and, not surprisingly, the show’s writers aren’t letting on whether she lives or dies. It seems though that it takes this devastating event to make Ashley realise how much Claire means to him and “heart rending” scenes of him weeping on Peter Barlow’s shoulder have already been filmed.

So will Claire make it? Well, at the moment, only the writers know the answer to that one but as rumours of cast cuts are circulating, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility.

Apropos of cast cuts, it’s also being rumoured that Sophiya Haque who plays Poppy Jhakra may be for the chop, despite Corrie insiders denying it. But, despite their denials, Street sources also added in a number of media outlets that for the characters of Poppy, Mary and Paula, who are all relative newcomers to the show, “They were all in storylines that had very definite beginning middle and endings”

So that’s quite a confusing statement given that endings are mentioned. Additionally, it seems that Rachel Leskovac who plays Tony Gordon’s love interest/love puppet Natasha has revealed that she’s “still unsure” as to whether she has a future on the Street.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Rachel confirmed that she has no idea if she’ll be one of the actors who’s dropped from the soap during its cost-cutting bid.

“Everything’s been going great guns, but something might happen and then I might not be part of the soap any more” she told the paper, adding, “I have a three year contract that’s made up of a series of options. It’s different for everyone but for me, it’s every six months, so I’ll know at the end of this month if it’s going to be extended. It does make me feel nervous.”

But, one character who’s surely not going to go until he wants to is our Jack, and in the next few weeks, he’s in for a big surprise when it turns out that his new lady friend Connie is in fact a millionairess and not only that, she wants Jack to move into her huge house with her! Eeek! What would our V say? “Gerrin there lad!” I suspect!

jack-connie-coronation street

I can’t wait to see what happens when Sally and Tyrone find out about Kevin and Molly, and to see what happens to our Clerrrr… bless ‘er.


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