Coronation Street Spoilers: Amy Kelly on ‘daunting’ Brooke Vincent lesbian kiss

by Anna Howell
sophie, maddie coronation street (2)

sophie, maddie coronation street (2)

Coronation Street star Amy Kelly has admitted that the first time she had to kiss her co-star Brooke Vincent, she found the experience a little daunting.

Kelly, who bosses have just confirmed will be staying on the Street for the foreseeable future, first crashed on to our screens last Christmas, playing homeless reprobate Maddie Heath.

Maddie caught the eye of local do-gooder Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) when they met at a homeless shelter where Maddie stole Sophie’s mum’s handbag.

Since then the teenager has tried to rob Sally’s house, punched Tim in the face and been exposed as a liar with regards to her age.

However, despite all the odds being against them, Sophie and Maddie have now finally admitted their true feelings and become a couple, but according to Amy Kelly, the straight actress who plays Maddie, it wasn’t easy for her to play a lesbian at first!

Discussing her character’s first kiss with Sophie in a recent interview with The Sun newspaper, Amy revealed:

“I’m not a lesbian and it was a bit daunting at first. But just before we filmed it, Brooke said: ‘Do you want me to kiss you first?’ And I said: ‘OK,’ because she’s been doing it on screen for years.

“And we had to film that one scene so many times that by the end of the day I’d got used to it.

“Now it doesn’t bother me — I get on so well with Brooke it’s not weird any more.”

sophie, maddie coronation street (1)

Maddie is set to face more drama in Corrie when an upcoming storyline sees her kidnapping her younger brother, Ben, from his foster parents after learning that they are planning to move to Devon with him, and hiding with him in the motor-van owned by resident busy-body Mary

But her plans are short-lived when the police are tipped off to the child’s whereabouts and come knocking at the mobile home. Amy admitted that those scenes are ‘heart-breaking’ and that she was in tears and shaking from head to foot during filming.

Get the tissues ready Corrie fans!

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30pm on ITV1 / ITV1 HD – Watch an interview Amy in the clip below: