Coronation Street Spoilers: Anna Windass slaps Tina McIntyre in tonight’s show! See preview clip!

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In tonight’s double-bill of Coronation Street, Anna Windass (Debbie Rush) storms into the Rovers and slaps Tina McIntyre round the face as she furiously berates the barmaid for having stolen Gary and Izzy’s baby!

Anna’s outburst comes as Tina is telling everyone in the pub that little ‘Joe’ is doing much better, and may even be able to come home soon…

However, as an upset and furious Anna turns to pleading with Tina to give the baby back to her son Gary (Mikey North) and the tot’s biological mum Izzy (Cherylee Houston) Anna implores onlookers Tommy (Chris Fountain) and Dennis (Phillip Lowrie) and Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox) to tell Tina that what she’s doing in keeping the little boy is wong.

But though shamefaced, nobody says a word, however, their silence speaks volumes as Anna challenges them, “Tell me I’m wrong! Tell me you think what she’s doing is right?!”

However, as we reported recently – during a preview of this summer’s biggest storylines on Corrie – Izzy is set to tell Tina, “You’ve won! He’s yours” after she fears a lengthy legal battle could see the baby caught up in a tug-of-love battle.

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Of the emotional plot, Michelle Keegan, who of course plays Tina, told ITV, “Izzy decides to give up the fight and sacrifice her own happiness so that the baby won’t be pulled backwards and forwards.”

She added, “Tina knows how vulnerable the baby is at this stage so she just feels incredibly motherly towards him.

“Technically the baby isn’t biologically hers, but because she’s carried him for so long and given birth to him she feels such an attachment.

“By law the baby is also hers too…”

Here’s the clip from tonight’s show…

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