Coronation Street Spoilers: Are Eileen Grimshaw and Paul Kershaw over when she says, “Give up your job or we’re finished!” (VIDEO)

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As fans of Corrie will know, firefighter Paul Kershaw risked his life by going into the burning Rovers last week to try to save the lives of Stella Price and Karl Munro…

And of course, he’s now suffering survivor guilt as his friend and colleague Toni died in the blaze.

Paul (Tony Hirst) has been desperate to get back to work following the tragedy, however, as we saw last week, his boss sent him home when he feared Paul had come back too soon after the trauma of the inferno.

And Paul’s fiancé Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) agreed entirely that Paul had gone back to work too soon, but as we’ll see next week, when once again Paul feels he’s fit for work, Eileen’s terrified that he could suffer the same fate as Toni…

So, without telling Paul, Eileen decides to go and see his boss at the fire station to say that she thinks it’s too early for him to come back, and not unreasonably, when Paul finds out what she’s done, he’s livid.

eileen, paul, coronation street

However, she tells him that she just can’t cope with never knowing if she’ll ever see him again every time he leaves for work, but Paul’s adamant; firefighting is all he knows and he won’t give it up.

His words leave Eileen with little choice but to accept his decision, however, later on in the week, she hears a local news report about a blaze at a factory where two people have died…

Fearing for Paul, she tries to contain her panic as she calls him, leaving a voicemail asking him to call when he gets the message…

But in the episode that airs on April 12, when Paul makes his way home from work, he’s sidetracked by Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) who insists on buying the brave fireman a drink.

Paul of course has no idea that Eileen’s going out of her mind with worry about him as he hasn’t heard her message, but when he finally makes it home, Eileen issues an ultimatum; give up your job as a firefighter or we’re over!

What will Paul do? Find out next week! For now, here’s a look at the next episode…

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  1. Maggie on April 6, 2013 at 12:37 am

    Please get this wimp Paul off the show, it’s very tiring hearing him winching all the time. Eileen needs a fun guy.

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