Coronation Street Spoilers: As Tyrone’s trial begins, Julie learns the truth about Kirsty, but she’s disappeared with Ruby! Is the baby in danger? (VIDEO)

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The climax to the domestic violence storyline in Corrie has – some viewers think – been a long time coming, but in next week’s episodes, the wait for the outcome is over as the Street’s residents learn the truth about violent Kirsty Soames…

The drama begins in the hour-long episode that airs on Sunday, 24 March when Julie Carp (Katy Cavanagh) tells Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) that she was looking after baby Ruby on the night of the Rovers’ fire, explaining that Kirsty had to go to her mother’s to deal with some sort of emergency.

However, when Tina tells Julie that Kirsty (Natalie Gumede) was in fact at home, and explains that she saw her looking out of the windows of No9 while the fire drama was going on, Julie decides to confront Kirsty for an explanation about why she lied.

And in the episode that airs on Monday 25th Julie does just that, but before then, we see that it’s the first day of Tyrone’s trial, and while giving evidence, Kirsty gives the performance of her life, telling the court that Tyrone (Alan Halsall) is a manipulative bully who made her life hell.

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Later, outside the court, Kirsty’s mum Alison (Dawn Hope) and Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) plead with Kirsty to just tell the truth, beseeching her to stop lying so that an innocent man doesn’t go to prison. Will Kirsty crack under pressure? Or will she sustain her lies?

Well, as far as Julie’s concerned, Kirsty is still the injured party, and she once again vows to stand by her, however, when she quizzes Kirsty about why she lied – and got Julie to have baby Ruby overnight last week – Kirsty’s mood suddenly changes, and as Ruby continues to cry, a furious Kirsty throws Julie out of the house.

Bemused, Julie goes home and in the meantime, Alison arrives at Kirsty’s and tells her that she’ll leave Kirsty’s violent dad and move in with her on Coronation Street, but only on the condition that she tell the court the truth and ensure Tyrone will go free.

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We’ll rejoin the story in the episode that airs on Wednesday, March 27th as Tyrone takes the stand and tells the jury that it was he who was abused by Kirsty, telling the court that he suffered in silence for months and that he fears she’ll attack Ruby one day.

Meanwhile, when Julie confronts Kirsty about her outburst the other day, Kirsty again loses her temper and slaps Julie. As Julie realises she’s been duped by Kirsty all along, Ruby continues to cry at No.9…

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On Friday 29th when Julie and Sean (Antony Cotton) hear the sound of smashing glass from No.9, they’re more worried when there’s then silence from Ruby as she stops crying. Concerned, they rush round but find the house empty, with no sign of Kirsty or Ruby.

Meanwhile, as Tyrone’s trial continues, Julie races to court to say that she’s now got evidence that will prove Tyrone’s innocence…

There’s mayhem in the court as the truth about Kirsty is revealed, but as the Judge calls order and Tyrone is returned to the cells, Kirsty and Ruby are still missing.

Will Ty now be found not guilty? And will Kirsty now face imprisonment, assuming she’s found of course…

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And the biggest question of all is whether baby Ruby is ok, or if her violent mother has hurt her…

Find out next week, but for now, here’s a look at the next episode of Corrie…

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