Coronation Street Spoilers: Cheryl Cole & Michelle Keegan hit the champers & flirt with Norris!

by Lisa McGarry


Cheryl Cole brought her beautifully manicured nails and perfectly coiffed hair to the cobbles this month and we have the pictorial evidence!

The Geordie star showed up on the Rovers Return and while we fully expected to see her downing a pint of bitter in one – she seems like that sort of lass right? – the former X Factor judge requested a rather upmarket tipple in the Weatherfield watering hole, as she joined Michelle Keegan for a drop of the sparkly stuff.

She and Mark Wright’s current squeeze were spotted sharing showbiz stories, while sipping on some Tesco cava champers and we have to admit, Chez looked right at home.

Maybe she’ll join the cast in the future. Norris’ love interest perhaps? Or Roy’s rebound girl?

Anyway Michelle (aka Tina) was pretty excited to be working with the Promise This hitmaker and gushed:

“I was really excited when I found out that Cheryl Cole was going to be filming at Corrie. She is someone I really admire and I have never met her properly so when I found out she was going to play Tina’s friend I couldn’t believe it.”

She even called Cole her ‘idol’, which may have been a little OTT but Keegs added:

“They say never meet your idols but she was amazing. She is such a huge Corrie fan and she was genuinely pleased to be filming with us. I sat and chatted with her for ages which was lovely. She didn’t need any tips from us all though, she was really good, a natural.

“She knew all her lines and she seemed to really enjoy herself.”

“Malcolm Hebden who plays Norris made her laugh.”

See! We told you!

“She was great fun to have on set and I am really thrilled that Text Santa gave me the chance to work with her.”

Cheryl Cole’s Corrie scenes will be aired on Text Santa, Friday 20th December 8PM, ITV1.

Check out the pictures and leave your comments below….

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  1. trish on December 18, 2013 at 3:42 am

    Fantastic cheril cole is going to be on the street
    Can’t wait to see her strutting her stuff hope the ratings go up even more mind you I cant imagine anyone not watching corrie

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