Coronation Street Spoilers: Could Anna Windass be about to lose Faye? And why is Roy Cropper cheating in a casino?! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

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Coming up next week on Corrie, both Anna Windass and Roy Cropper are set to discover that family members can put them in situations that they never dreamt they’d be in…

Starting with Anna’s drama at home, as fans will know, she’s been battling to stop her adopted daughter Faye (Ellie Leach) from meeting up with her dad Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) however, Faye’s equally determined that Anna (Debbie Rush) won’t stop her, and once again, she sneaks off to meet her dad.

However, in the double-bill of episodes that will air on Monday, February 11th, Owen Armstrong (Ian Puleston-Davies) is sick of Faye getting her own way and ruling the roost. He tells Faye that he’s banning her from using her laptop ever again, and in a tussle, the computer gets smashed…

Things go from bad to worse for Anna when, on Friday, Faye’s social worker turns up, and it’s clear she knows about the rows that’ve been going on. But Anna’s horrified when the social worker says that she fears the adoption is “breaking down.”

So in a bid to keep her daughter, Anna invites Tim over for dinner, but when Owen walks in and sees Tim, he’s livid and threatens to kick him out. However, Anna says that she invited him and tells Owen to get out, for good!

owen, anna, faye, tim, coronation street

Has Anna sacrificed Owen to keep Faye?

On now to Roy Cropper’s family drama, and it begins when he notices that his mum Sylvia (Stephanie Cole) is behaving oddly…

roy cropper, sylvia, coronation street

So he decides to follow her, and is deeply shocked when he sees her going into a casino, and even more so when she’s then ejected by the bouncers!

In the episode that airs on Wednesday, February 13th, we’ll see that Roy (David Neilson) has learned – after a phone call to Milton – that Sylvia has gambled away all her money, and some of Milton’s, which is why he sent her packing back to the UK.

However, when Roy confronts Sylvia with what he knows, far from being shamefaced, Sylvia suggests to him that with his mathematical skills, he could make a killing at the tables.

Nonplussed, Roy at first point blank refuses, however, knowing his mother if flat broke, he later gives it some thought and shockingly, he agrees!

So in the episodes that air on Friday, February 15th, we’ll see the Roy and Sylvia have gone to the casino in town with buddies Ken (Bill Roache) and Dennis (Phillip Lowrie) in tow, who are astounded as they watch Roy counting cards and raking it in…

roy, sylvia, ken, dennis, coronation street

However, can they get out of the casino before the management figure out what Roy’s doing?

Find out next week, but for now, here’s a sneak peek at one of this week’s episodes…

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