Coronation Street Spoilers: Is David about to do something drastic?! And can Julie forgive Brian? (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

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In the double-bill of episodes of Coronation Street that air on Friday, 13 December, we rejoin the drama in Weatherfield as Gail’s tortured by her decision, and Leanne tells Nick that forcing David to leave won’t bring his health back.

Meanwhile, David tells Kylie he’s going for good, and when he states that where he’s going, he won’t need any belongings, Kylie thinks he’s contemplating suicide, but Nick’s not so sure…

Elsewhere, downbeat and confused, Julie’s struggling to understand why Brian lied, but for his part, Brian’s cursing his own cowardice and stupidity, however he gingerly asks Julie if they can talk. He tries to explain why he doesn’t want to foster, but where do they go from here?

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Also, Dev’s ready for his first personal fitness session with Kal, but he struggles to keep up with the regime. His morale’s boosted however when Kal says he’s done really well.

And finally, Dennis and Gloria plan the showcase night with Ritchie, but Rita isn’t thrilled, and an angry Marcus confronts Todd.

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In the second episode, Nick realises with horror that David intends to hand himself into the police…

Clearly upset, Kylie goes to the Rovers, and seemingly hell bent on self destruction, she descends into a self-pitying, angry and drunken state.

Meanwhile, Nick looks guiltily at a distraught Gail as he’s aware that his ultimatum forced her to push David away. And although he has no sympathy for David, he feels responsible for his mum’s agony.

Will Nick stop David from confessing to the police? And if he does, will it tip Kylie over the edge?

coronation street julie

Elsewhere, Brian wonders if he can be enough for Julie, but he tries to paint an idyllic picture of their future together in Wales. However, the job offer is news to Julie and she’s devastated that Brian could be so cruel…

Heartbroken and angry, Julie suggests he accept the job, leaving Brian wondering where it all went wrong.

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Also, Leanne’s grateful when Kal says he’ll help with Nick’s rehabilitation, but when Nick gives him short shrift, Kal loses his patience and lays into Nick.

And finally, Ritchie asks Rita for her input, and across the road, it’s clear there’s a spark between Todd and Marcus.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead this week…

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