Coronation Street Spoilers: Has Gary killed Phelan? Will Todd convince Marcus to dump Maria?! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly
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When we return to the cobbles on Wednesday 26 February, Anna admits to Izzy that Phelan did try it on, and Izzy’s horrified when Anna further reveals that he tried to force himself on her…

When Izzy later tells Gary, he’s livid and wants to go straight round to Phelan’s to have it out with him, however, Izzy tells him that Anna doesn’t want Owen to know, and pleads with him not to do anything rash.

However, when Gary meets up with Phelan later, and warns him to back off and leave Anna alone, he sees red when Phelan brands her a trollop. Will Gary lash out?

Meanwhile, Sharif tells Dev and Kal that he intends to hire a builder of his own choosing to fit out the gym, adding that Jason’s costing is too high. But as he cut the cost right down for his mate Dev, how will he feel to learn he no longer has the job?

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Also, Todd badgers Marcus and tells him that he’s living a lie, and adds that their recent tryst is proof that Marcus isn’t straight. Will Marcus agree with Todd?

And finally, Beth and Sinead fancy a night at the bingo, and so insist on dragging Ches and Kirk along too.

Next, in the first of a double-bill of episodes on Friday 28 February, Gary’s mortified and panicked as he gazes down at Phelan’s motionless body…

Frantic, he calls Owen telling him that Phelan had an accident, however, when Owen then rushes over but finds Gary wandering outside, he knows there’s more to it. Sure enough, Gary admits he hit Phelan with a copper pipe, and tells Owen why he lost it…

However, when the men go back inside, Phelan isn’t there…

Meanwhile, Sinead and Beth haven’t won a thing at bingo all night, but a lady they were sitting with, Maureen, did win big…

But as the ladies stand at the bus stop, a young thug makes to snatch Maureen’s handbag, prompting Beth to automatically react. Will she be an unlikely hero?

Back on the Street, Jason has a go at his dad Tony, telling him it’s hit fault he lost the contract for the gym, and seeking a sympathetic ear, Tony finds one in the Rovers when Liz listens to his woes. Is there a romance brewing there?

And finally, baby Jake is rushed to A&E with suspected meningitis while on the Street, plans for a surprise party for Dev’s 50th are in hand.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up this week…

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