Coronation Street Spoilers: Hayley Tamaddon “shocked” at Andrea contract extension!

by Anna Howell
hayley tamaddon, andrea, coronation street

hayley tamaddon, andrea, coronation street

New Coronation Street star Haley Tamaddon has revealed that she was left “gobsmacked” when show producers offered her an extended contract to stay on the show.

Tamaddon, who also starred in Emmerdale as Delilah Dingle, joined the cast of Coronation Street last year, making her on screen debut as Andrea Beckett, a college friend of Steve McDonald’s (Simon Gregson), just before Christmas.

Her on-screen time has been somewhat limited, however, due to the fact that she is also currently taking part in the grand finale series of ITV skating show, Dancing On Ice.

Expecting this to mean her time on Corrie would be cut short, Tamaddon was truly shocked when producers then came to her with a new contract for the foreseeable future a few weeks ago, as she has been explaining on ITV chat show, This Morning.

Discussing the new contract on the award-winning day time show, Tamaddon explained:

“Initially I was only signed up for six months. After my first week or two on screen, the producers rang my agents and said, ‘We would love her to stay’.

“I was gobsmacked. I just thought, ‘I’ll be in and I’ll be out’ – and I don’t want to be out! I’m loving it so much.”

Tamaddon went on to explain how she almost didn’t go for the audition in the first place as she had already signed up for the all-star series of Dancing On Ice, explaining:

“I actually said to my agent, ‘Is there any point in me even going to the audition, because once they find out about Dancing on Ice, I’m sure they’ll give the part to somebody else’. He was like, ‘You never know – go along and meet them’.

“It just slotted into place – it was amazing. They’ve been so overly helpful. Both Dancing on Ice and Corrie have come together to really help me make it work.”

andrea, lloyd coronation street (9)

So far Andrea’s role in Corrie has been a rather slow and quiet one, but Tamaddon went on to reveal how there were big things coming up for her character, including a plan to win the heart of Steve despite going out with his best friend, Lloyd (Craig Charles):

“I think she’s probably set herself to get Steve, and she’s not going to stop until she gets him. Poor Lloyd – he’s really fallen for Andrea. There is going to be some nice stuff, actually, with both of those characters.

“But I don’t think she ever takes her eye off the ball. She really does fancy Steve, but to get to Steve, maybe she thinks she might go through Lloyd.”

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30pm on ITV1 / ITV1 HD – Watch the full interview with Hayley Tamaddon in the clip below: