Coronation Street Spoilers: At Hayley’s funeral, will Roy confess she committed suicide? And Maddie’s intrigued by Sophie! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly
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On Wednesday, 29th January, on Coronation Street, Roy remains inscrutable as Suzie the celebrant visits to discuss Hayley’s funeral…

Fiz is worried when he finally erupts and bemoans how everything has to be how Hayley wanted it , adding that she even scheduled her own death. Feeling completely at sea, can he bring himself to attend Hayley’s funeral?

Elsewhere, Stella’s impressed as Dev and Kal work on their business plan for the gym, and Kal’s left amused when Dev gets tongue-tied in his attempt to pay Stella a compliment.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Maddie row when Maddie demands the £50 Sophie promised her, and Sophie’s left curious when Maddie admits she needs the money to help her little brother, who’s worse off than she is.

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And finally, Kylie tells Nick he needs to stop feeling sorry for himself, and Beth gets her job back.

In the first of the double-bill of episodes that air on Friday, 31 January, Tyrone’s shocked to learn that Hayley took her own life, and thatRoy’s boycotting the funeral.

However, Carla orders Roy to get dressed and they soon join the other residents as Hayley’s cardboard coffin arrives in the hearse.

At the funeral, Fiz speaks about her memories of Hayley, but Roy feels he can’t remain silent any longer. Is he about to reveal Hayley’s secret?

Back on the Street, Sophie visits the shelter and is alarmed to see Maddie sporting a bruised face, but Maddie’s annoyed to find that Sophie’s been checking up on her background and dashes off…

Just wanting to help, Sophie chases after Maddie, but will she get more than she bargained for?

Meanwhile, Nick feels like he’s a burden to his family, so Leanne suggests he moves back into Victoria Court while she and Simon stay with Stella.

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Also, Rob’s put out when Tracy shuns his offer of a night out to spend time with Amy, while in the pub, when the caterers fail to deliver the food for the wake, Steve improvises a spread at the Rovers, and he’s delighted when Andrea drops by and lends a hand.

In the second episode, despite Fiz, Anna and Carla’s pleas, Roy insists on speaking out, but to their relief, he tells the congregation that Hayley had her flaws, but she was brave.

At the wake, Roy feels besieged by well-wishers and is desperate to escape the barrage of sympathy…

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Noticing Roy’s absence, Anna and Fiz call at the café where Roy has left them a note…

Elsewhere, Sophie confides in Steph about Maddie’s kiss, and Steph is quick to realise that Sophie finds Maddie attractive, so thinks she ought to track her down. Will Sophie take the plunge and ask Maddie out?

Meanwhile, Tracy’s taken aback when Rob asks to join her cosy night in with Amy, and is even more surprised when Rob admits he’s enjoyed himself.

And finally, Michelle and Lloyd arrive back at the Rovers to find the food situation under control, and Steve singing Andrea’s praises.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up…

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