Coronation Street Spoilers: Julie Hesmondhalgh reveals Hayley’s last Christmas won’t be quiet!

by Anna Howell
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After it was confirmed by Coronation Street bosses that show favourite Hayley Cropper would not be killed off this festive period, Julie Hesmondhalgh, the actress who plays her, has revealed that this Christmas for her character would not be quiet!

Fans were left broken hearted earlier this year when it was revealed that, after Julie Hesmondhalgh had decided to leave the popular ITV soap, her character Hayley Cropper would be killed off in a long-running cancer storyline.

Most people believed that this storyline would come to its tear-jerking conclusion this Christmas, but show producer, Stuart Blackburn, announced that this wasn’t the case – and now Hesmondhalgh has confirmed that this Christmas will be the best Hayley has ever had, as she and Roy end up sharing the big day with half the street!
Discussing the festive cheer, Digital Spy quotes the actress as saying:

“Because it’s what Roy wants to do, Hayley agrees they’ll have a quiet one, but then it all just gets completely out of hand and everyone ends up in Roy’s Rolls.

“Later, everyone leaves and Hayley is absolutely knackered, but she still gets her coat on to go to the pub. She doesn’t manage to stay for long, though. You’ll also see that she falls asleep a lot over Christmas. That’s really sad – she’ll just be in a gathering and all of a sudden they’ll see that she’s nodded off.

“The residents also have a snowball fight. It’s all going on around Hayley, but she loves it. It’s life and joy all around her. Then when they look out that night, there’s a snow Roy and Hayley on the street that have been built for them.”

There is some sadness for Hayley over the holidays though, as she is forced to up her medication when the pain gets worse:
“She doesn’t tell Roy much about that until the nurse comes,” Hesmondhalgh revealed. “He’s quite shocked when Hayley says to the nurse that she’s in a lot of pain.

“They decide to up her medication, which is obviously the thing that they’ve been dreading. Hayley doesn’t want to be on the medication because it causes confusion for her, but she needs it by that point. So there are ups and downs over Christmas.”

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The actress, who has played Hayley since 1998, went on to explain how there will be many parts of Hayley and Roy’s story that won’t be tied up in the end:

“This is what I’ve loved about this story – it hasn’t been neatly sewn up. Roy doesn’t pass his driving test, which I think is brilliant because everything is leading up to him passing that test!

“You see Roy doing the test and you don’t know how well he’s done, but then he comes back and he says, ‘I failed’, and Hayley says, ‘Oh well, never mind’. That’s literally the end of that storyline and it’s just like real life. There are lots of unfinished strands like that.”

Coronation Street continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm on ITV1 / ITV1 HD.