Coronation Street Spoilers: Karl kidnaps Stella and sets fire to Jason’s van! Has he turned psycho?! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

karl munro, stella price, coronation street

Coming up in next week’s visits to Weatherfield, Karl Munro (John Michie) becomes decidedly sinister as first, he kidnaps Stella and then later, he torches her toy boy lover Jason Grimshaw’s van!

The drama begins on Monday 4th March in the show’s double-bill when Stella (Michelle Collins) books a taxi to take her to Eric’s funeral…

However, when she sees that Karl’s her driver, she goes to climb out of the car, but Karl locks the doors and speeds off, ignoring Stella’s protests…

He drives to a secluded spot – while a worried Jason waits for Stella in the Rovers – and apologises for grabbing her arm the other night. Not willing to listen to anything he has to say, Stella again demands that he drive her home, but she’s left shocked when an emotional Karl refuses…

stella, karl, coronation street

In the episode that airs on Wednesday 6th March, Stella’s nonplussed but livid when Karl shows up in the pub. She immediately orders him to leave, but interfering Gloria (Sue Johnston) tells her daughter she needs to give Karl a break.

karl, jason, gloria, coronation street

However, she soon takes back her words when Stella explains that he kidnapped her the night before, prompting a shocked Steve (Simon Gregson) to sack Karl, and an even more shocked and angry Jason (Ryan Thomas) to lash out at Karl.

jason, karl, coronation street

Sunita (Shobna Gulati) watches the furore with a smile on her face, pleased the Karl’s getting his comeuppance, however, she’s left shaken when he hisses that she’s ruined his life and adds that he’s going to make her pay for it.

By the time Friday night’s double-bill airs, Jason’s excited that he’s about to land a lucrative contract with the local council, however, when he later discovers that his van’s been stolen, it looks like he could be out of business…

But there’s worse to come because Jason then gets a visit from the police who tell him that they’ve received an anonymous tip off, indicating that he was responsible for torching a van nearby.

Jason of course puts two and two together and tells the police that Karl’s behind it. However, when Jason tells Stella what’s happened, she tells him it’s ridiculous to assume Karl did it, and they row, which is of course playing right into Karl’s hands!

karl munro, coronation street

And what will Karl’s next move be? Find out next week, but for now, here’s a look at one of this week’s episodes…

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