Coronation Street Spoilers: Killer Karl Munro proposes to Stella! But their happiness is short-lived when Owen issues a threat! (VIDEO)

stella, karl, owen, coronation street

Fans of Corrie will know that arsonist Karl Munro (John Michie) is nicely ensconced once again with the love of his life, Stella Price (Michelle Collins) and in next week’s episodes, he’s set to propose to her, and she’ll accept!

However, Owen Armstrong – who is of course refurbishing the burnt out Rovers – is set to wreck their happiness with a shock ultimatum.

But talking of ultimatums, the drama for Stella begins after she tells daughter Leanne Tilsley (Jane Danson) that she won’t be blackmailed. As we saw last week, Leanne offered her the money she needs to pay Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies) but only on condition that she ditch Karl.

The move touches Karl, but while he’s gathering the courage to propose to Stella, she asks him to come with her while she breaks the news to Owen that she can’t pay him…

And when she does, a furious Owen begins dismantling the work he’s already done on the pub, but when Karl tries to stop him, it looks like he could feel the force of the builder’s anger!

karl, owen, coronation street

Stella drags Karl away, and later, she visits Owen to offer him a half-share in the Rovers if he’ll continue the work unpaid. And it’s after this visit – and while Owen’s considering the offer – that Karl proposes to Stella, and to his delight, she accepts.

In the episode that airs on Wednesday, May 6, Gloria (Sue Johnston) is overjoyed at the news of the engagement, and she insists on them all celebrating at the Bistro, but when Owen calls in and sees the supposedly broke Stella knocking back champagne, he angrily issues his shocking ultimatum, but what is it?

kylie, nick, stella, coronation street

Well, we’ll have to wait and see, but in the double-bill of episodes that air on Friday, May 10, when Stella tries to explain that Gloria paid for the drinks, and tries to apologise to him for the whole debacle, he’s clearly in no mood to listen…

So, desperate to earn some cash, Stella approaches Nick (Ben Price) to apply for the job of cleaner that he’s advertised.

But it may be a decision she’ll live to regret! Here’s a look at this week’s Corrie drama…

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