Coronation Street Spoilers: Could Steve & Andrea hook up as her BIG secret is revealed? Poor Lloyd!

steve, andrea coronation street (2)

steve, andrea coronation street (2)

Ever since Andrea Beckett turned up on Coronation Street, we viewers have known that there was more to her than met the eye, but even we have to admit this wasn’t what we were expecting…

Andrea (Hayley Tamaddon) started out her time on the Street as the college pal of local pub landlord Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) and it soon became apparent that she had a crush on him, despite being well aware that he’s romantically involved with Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh).

But when her attention then turned to Lloyd Mullaney (Craig Charles) – a move we thought may have been a ploy designed to get closer to Steve – it seemed that in fact, she was just a lonely red-blooded woman in desperate need of some love.

But as it turns out, she already had love….

It was Lloyd’s daughter Jenna (Krissi Bohn) who first drew our attention to the fact that Andrea never seemed to want to take Lloyd back to her place, and when he had his heart attack last month, it was also Jenna who realised that Andrea was somewhat elusive. Things got more intriguing yet when the errant Andrea did finally turn up at Lloyd’s bedside, only to sneak away to make secret phone calls.

Now, gullible as we might be, we had assumed that maybe she had a child stashed away somewhere who she didn’t want to introduce to Lloyd so early on, or at a push an elderly relative to care for, but it would seem we were wrong…

She actually has a husband!

And that husband, who is called Neil, is about to find out about his wife’s double life!

Neil, who it turns out Andrea has been married to for TWENTY years, is set to get suspicious of his wife’s erratic behaviour and constant disappearing acts, and so he follows her to Weatherfield where he’s set to storm into the Rovers Return and cause a bit of a scene!

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According to The Mirror, by that time, Andrea will have left Neil, but of course a showdown like this is not without it’s comedy of errors value as Neil will mistakenly assume that Steve is Andrea’s lover.

He’ll angrily confront Andrea in the packed bar, saying: “Is this really who you’ve left me for? Are you having some sort of breakdown? We have got a beautiful life together and you want to turn it all in for him?”

The paper states that Andrea replies: “You’re making a fool of both of us.”

Then in comes Lloyd to clear it all up by saying: “It’s me, I’m the one you want to knock out.”

The outcome of this storyline is yet to be revealed, but Lloyd is said to be, understandably, heartbroken, but it’s Steve’s reaction which is the most surprising as he furiously offloads to girlfriend Michelle.

He tells her: “She’s been lying to us all for months. We thought she was Andrea from college, Lloyd’s missus, my mate – turns out she was some other sap’s wife.”

steve, michelle, coronation street

Hmm, with Steve and Michelle set to breakup over the revelation that he knew about the affair between Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) and Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan), and Lloyd and Andrea almost certainly heading for Splits-Ville too, could there be a chance for Steve and Andrea after all?

Coronation Street continues on Sunday night at 9pm on ITV1 / ITV1 HD

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  1. Josie on May 31, 2014 at 4:43 pm

    I personally would not want Steve and Andrea together. I think that Andrea is a weak character and does not have the substance of the main characters. I think Andrea should leave stage left.

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