Coronation Street Spoilers: Natalie Gumede explains how Kirsty’s lies unravel when she hits Julie Carp!

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Coronation Street viewers will of course know that wicked Kirsty Soames put her former fiancé Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) through hell for months with her vicious temper and subsequent beatings…

And as if that wasn’t enough, Kirsty then turned the tables and accused Tyrone of battering her, which has of course landed him in prison on remand awaiting his trial, which is set to air in the first week of April.

However, as the show’s bosses have filmed two endings to the storyline, one of which depicts Tyrone going to prison for a crime he didn’t commit while the other features Kirsty getting her comeuppance at last, we viewers won’t know for sure how it’s going to end until it actually airs…

But in next week’s episodes, we’re set to see Kirsty becoming increasingly stressed out as her baby daughter Ruby cries for hours on end, pushing her mother dangerously close to the edge…

However, it will actually be Kirsty’s ally Julie Carp (Katy Cavanagh) who witnesses and experiences Kirsty’s violent temper firsthand when the nasty ex-copper hits her soon to be former friend!

kirsty soames, coronation streetNatalie Gumede, who plays Kirsty, has been explaining to The Sun’s TV Biz how her character begins to unravel next week, putting everyone around her, and especially Ruby, at risk.

She began by explaining, “On the surface, Kirsty is feeling very confident about the trial.

“She’s a master manipulator and she has everybody on her side…

“On the other side, though, I think she’s feeling incredibly lonely and under a lot of pressure, which starts to show very quickly.

“There’s nobody that she can really turn to.”

And of Kirsty’s increasingly short fuse with Ruby, Natalie said, “I don’t think Kirsty is naturally very maternal.

“When she was with Tyrone she was quite happy going to work and picking and choosing when she wanted to be a mum to Ruby.

“She knows she loves her daughter from the bottom of her heart but she doesn’t know how to deal with her or even how to be around her.

“I think a lot of it comes down to her own childhood. She’s actually quite detached from Ruby and approaches her upbringing with a very analytical mind.

“Ruby is picking up on the negative vibes in the house.

“She hasn’t had her daddy around who had been looking after her every day. She’s grouchy and crying all the time.

“Kirsty can’t quite get her head around it. She can’t soothe her or make the crying stop.

“With that and the court case looming, she begins to feel as though the walls are closing in on her.”Kirsty Soames

Of the scenes in which Kirsty shows her true colours to Julie and neighbour Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor) Natalie said, “This is the climax, almost more than seeing Tyrone in court.

“Kirsty loses her temper and she throws a cup across the room in front of Sally and Julie, and that’s when her mask falls.

“Both of them pretend everything’s OK but there’s this awful moment where Julie realises what Kirsty is really like.

“Kirsty realises it’s over. Julie has seen her for what she is and in a moment of temper she hits Julie.

“This is the last piece of the jigsaw — everything has come crashing down.”

Natalie then revealed, “Julie runs out and Ruby’s screaming. Kirsty loses her temper with the baby.

“She’s screaming and screaming at Ruby and it’s just a horrid moment.”

And finally, of the fact that she’s leaving the show, Natalie remarked, “I think it was the right time to go but I’ve missed my work mates hugely.

“They have left the door open, there is always the possibility of me making life difficult for Weatherfield residents.

“Maybe I’ll come back when Fiz and Tyrone are really happy.

“I would be very proud to be asked back.”

Natalie has been brilliant as Kirsty hasn’t she? Will you be sorry to see her go?

For now, here’s a reminder of just how scary Kirsty can be…

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