Coronation Street Spoilers: Nick Tilsley will be left fighting for his life when vengeful brother David Platt causes horror car crash! (VIDEO)

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As fans of Coronation Street will know, David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) now knows that his wife Kylie (Paula Lane) and brother Nick Tilsley had a one night stand at Christmas, and that the baby Kylie is carrying may therefore be Nick’s, not David’s.

And since he learned the shocking news, David’s been on a mission to trash Nick’s life, and has already wrecked Nick and Leanne’s (Jane Danson) flat, and next week, he’s set to damage Peter Barlow’s car as part of his scheme to make it appear that Leanne and Peter (Chris Gascoigne) are having an affair.

However, it’s been revealed today that the culmination to the plot will see David causing an horrific car crash which will leave Nick fighting for his life as he’s plunged into a coma.

The Sun’s TV Biz reports, “Viewers will be left wondering whether Nick lives or dies in a series of cliffhanger episodes in August.”

A show insider said, “David and Nick have been at each other’s throats since David found out his wife Kylie has been cheating on him with his own brother.

“David has already smashed up Nick and Leanne’s flat but that’s just the beginning…


“The pair of them end up getting into a car together and there is an almighty row.

“With tempers frayed, David causes the car to spin out of control and it ends up crashing, leaving both brothers needed emergency treatment.

“But while they both end up in hospital, it’s Nick who bears the brunt of it. He’s knocked unconscious and remains in a coma in intensive care.”

While talking about the plotline recently, Ben Price who plays Nick, said, “This story will get very dark! We’re going to see a very different Nick.

“This story will have repercussions for a long, long time…”

We will of course keep you posted on that storyline, but for now, here’s a look at David’s revenge plan in action during tonight’s episode…

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