Coronation Street Spoilers: Nick’s brain damage becomes evident as David determines to find out who is Lily’s dad! (VIDEO)

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Coming up on Coronation Street on Monday 7th October – in the first of the night’s double-bill of episodes – at the hospital, Nick’s in a foul mood, and though the extent of his brain damage is still an unknown quantity, Leanne’s assured that he’s making good progress.

Back at home, David reveals his pact with Nick to Tina, but he’s torn, not knowing whether to be relieved or worried. So when Nick summons him to his bedside, he dreads the outcome…

It’s not long though before David learns that Nick remembers everything, but the question is, what’s he going to do about it?

Meanwhile, Kylie’s suspicious as to why David’s spending so much time with his ex, Tina.

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Elsewhere, as Roy plans a surprise trip to Blackpool for Hayley before her chemo starts, she’s keen that he should crack on with his driving lessons. However, Roy’s analytical approach to driving doesn’t make things easy for Hayley, but will it dampen their spirits?

Also, Michelle’s devastated to hear that her parents are divorcing, but determined to cheer her up, Steve continues with his secret efforts to buy the pub, convinced that it’s what Michelle needs. But just who is Steve’s mystery backer?

In the meantime, Peter’s struggling with paperwork at the factory and tells Carla they need to recruit someone to replace Michelle. Sally’s convinced the job will be hers, but when Peter takes matters into his own hands, it looks like Sally may be disappointed.

And finally, Tim comes out of hiding, but will Sally buy his excuses about having to work away?

In the second episode, as David tells Tina that he has to know if Lily is his, she warns him about the pitfalls, asking if he could handle bringing up his brother’s child…

David’s not sure, but insists that he has to know, and so orders a DNA test. Meanwhile, Kylie’s growing increasingly insecure about the amount of time David’s spending with Tina, but when she questions him about his whereabouts, he lies, firing up Kylie’s suspicions further.

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Elsewhere, as Roy continues to plan a surprise trip to Blackpool, Hayley’s desperate to know his secret. Will Roy be pressured into revealing all?

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Over at the pub, Steve asks Stella to keep quiet for a few more days as he reveals the money for the sale of the pub is now sorted. Steve’s confident he’s giving Michelle exactly what she needs, but as she stresses about her dad – who Steve seems to have accidentally set up with Eileen – Stella questions his surprise tactics.

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Finally, Carla’s not happy that Peter’s offered the PA’s role to Eva without even consulting her, but will she outwardly support his decision?

Find out soon, but for now, here’s a look at this week’s drama…

*Please note, there will be no episodes of Corrie on Friday, and instead, that double-bill will air in an hour-long episode on Sunday 13th October.

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