Coronation Street Spoilers: Peter Barlow’s livid when Carla buys Leanne out of the bookies! (VIDEO)

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Bookie Peter Barlow has always had a tempestuous relationship with his lover Carla Connor, and in next week’s episodes of the soap, Carla is set to infuriate Peter once again when not only does she buy his ex-wife Leanne (Jane Danson) out of his business, she also insists on giving her brother Rob free range to try out new ideas at the betting shop!

The drama begins on Monday 22nd when Leanne calls into the bookies to collect her share of the week’s takings. However, Peter (Chris Gascoyne) tells her there is no money to pick up because business has been so slow…

Annoyed, Leanne then suggests to Peter that he should just buy her out, but he replies that he doesn’t have that kind of money.

However, later, as Peter and Carla (Alison King) celebrate the sale of her flat at the Bistro, an irritated Nick (Ben Price) has a dig at Peter, which prompts Carla to come up with a plan…

Then, in Wednesday’s episode, fed up with the business making no money, Leanne barges in to the betting shop and tells Peter she’s going to work their full-time again to get the business back on its feet. He is of course not happy with the arrangement, but he sees there’s little option other than to comply.

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However, in Friday’s episodes, after Carla tries to talk to Peter about buying Leanne out – and he angrily retorts that his business is none of hers – Carla takes matters into her own hands and goes to see Leanne, offering her over the market value for her share of the bookies.

A delighted Leanne accepts and Carla once again begins celebrating, this time with her brother Rob (Mark Baylis) who intrigues her with talk of how he would improve turnover at the betting shop…

But when Peter arrives and learns that not only has Carla gone behind his back, she’s also planning to let Rob implement his ideas for the bookies, he’s beside himself, and his mood isn’t helped by Leanne and Nick smugly gloating over the big cheque Carla just handed over.

What will Peter do now? Find out next week, but for now, here’s a look at this week’s drama…

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  1. Ray on April 18, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    Great post. Peter and Carla are my favourite couple on Corrie.

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