Coronation Street Spoilers: Sam Aston says of Katy Armstrong Chesney Battersby-Brown split “there is no taking her back at all”!

by Anna Howell

Sam Aston has opened up about his characters reaction when he discovers his girlfriend has been cheating on him in an upcoming Coronation Street storyline.

Fans of the award-winning soap will know how Sam’s character, Chesney Battersby-Brown, is currently oblivious to the fact that his fiancée, Katy Armstrong (Georgia-May Foote) is having an affair with her co-worker, Ryan Connor (Sol Heras).

However, that is all about to change when Chesney’s best friend, and Katy’s sister’s boyfriend, Gary Windass (Mikey North) finds out.

Gary is set to confront Katy over his findings and, when a row erupts between the two in the street, Chesney is devastated to discover his girlfriend, who he has just proposed to, has been cheating on him.

Affairs are not uncommon in soapland, and more often than not can be worked out and forgiven, but that is not the case for Ches and Katy according to Sam Aston who plays the young father.

Speaking to the Radio times, Aston explained:

“Because he’s from a broken family, he felt like he could rely on Katy. Now all of that has been blown to pieces,” says the actor. “He’s been in a bit of a bubble because everything was just working out for him for once. They’ve still had their financial problems but he didn’t mind because they had each other. And now, all of a sudden, his rock has been taken away from him.”

“Whichever way he’d have found out would have been horrible, but at least if she hadn’t have lied to him and accepted his proposal he wouldn’t have lost all of his pride.”

katy-ches1 katy-ches-3

Chesney’s sister, Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) tries to reason with her brother, desperate for him to give Katy a second chance and stop the family being ripped apart, but Aston insists there is no going back:

“He thinks she’s unbelievable for even asking. They were supposed to be a tight team. She’s done the ultimate betrayal in his mind.

“You think that they are going to be together forever. I’d be sad if me and Georgia weren’t to work together on screen again. It would be the end of an era.”

Watch an interview with Sam Aston in the clip below: