Coronation Street Spoilers: Shobna Gulati says Sunita Alahan doesn’t die straight away in Rover Return fire!

by Anna Howell

With her on-screen exit about to air on our Coronation Street screens next week Shobna Gulati has revealed details of her character, Sunita Alahan’s death.

Fans of the award-winning ITV soap will know how producers are burning down the epic Rovers Return pub in Coronation Street in order to create a new set to be moved to its new Salford Quays home next year.

Of course, into true soap style, with stunts as big as these are going to be, the drama had to be intensified by a few fatalities.

There was much speculation as to how many people would indeed perish in the fire, but, as Michelle Keegan who plays Tina McIntire revealed on ITV chat show This Morning earlier this week, there are only set to be two deaths.

The only confirmed death so far is that all Shobna Gulati’s character Sunita Alahan, who finds herself passed out downstairs in the cellar of the pub after a row with Stella Price (Michelle Collins).

The other death remains a mystery, although we suspect it will be that of firemen Paul Kershaw, played by Tony Hirst who was revealed to have been axed from the show earlier this month.

The other suspected victim had been widely believed to be that of landlady Stella Price, but as we reported earlier today Michelle Collins, the actress who plays her, has revealed that she has now signed a new contract with the show which will take up to next year.

The fire is set to roar through Coronation Street next Monday night at 730 and 8:30pm, and with the scenes about to hit our screens Shobna Gulati has revealed what we can expect from her character’s death.

Speaking on Loose Women, on which she is a new panellist member following her Coronation Street departure, Shobna confirmed that her character does indeed die in the fire, but not instantly!

Gulati explained:  “I’m not burned to a cinder in the fire, completely. I die as a consequence of the fire. But I can’t tell you how I die,

“It’s a bit like Die Hard 3. [Sunita] starts in one part of the Rovers and manages to tackle that, then she gets to another part and she manages to tackle that bit.

“Then she is just in the Rovers itself and everything is going up, including Betty’s picture. Everything’s burning up.”

The actress, who has recently found herself the victim of racist ‘trolls’ on social networking site, Twitter, went on to reveal  how she may in fact be married to her on-screen husband Jimmy Harkishin (Dev Alahan) in real life as the priest who was used to film their wedding scenes actually used real vows!

You can watch the Rovers return fire on ITV1/ITV1 HD on Monday night at 730 at 8:30pm on

Watch Shobna on Loose Women before she joined the panel in the clip below:

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